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Creator of the new world

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Rule #1: ...
How do we create a better world ? I have to go back a year and reflect on what brought me here. What is the one way to create a better world ? What was it that was driving me so nuts that I had to spend an entire year writing about it? Of  course! We have t...

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Rule #2: Keeping an open mind
Wow... rule #2 - he said very soberly - Tomorrow is an iconic day. A great day, in my humble opinion. The last of 365 rules for a new, better world will be released. I can't believe it's finally here. Over the last 364 days we've done a lot. I'd like to thi...

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Rule # 3: World governance
Why can’t government organizations run as effectively as successful businesses? The world needs to adopt the same business hierarchy that a successful business uses. One leader with many departments. The breakdown happens at the federal level. That’s what’s...

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Rule #5: Child abuse
14 percent of all men and 36 percent of all women in prison were abused as children. I’m not talking about the small tap on the ass used to wake a kid up. I’m not for it and don’t practice it – mostly because my kids are big enough to kick the shit out of m...

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Rule #6: New Years resolutions
This year I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is resolve to follow the rules of the New World . No more making up ridiculous resolutions that you’re just going to abandon on January 3 rd anyway. No more promising to become the best guitarist in th...

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Rule #7: Flashlights
This is one of those subjects that come to mind when I have nothing better to do than stare blankly at an inanimate object until I’m in a full-blown mental debate with it. So as I’m staring at my flashlight , I ask it, “why are you called a flashlight? You ...

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Rule #8: Sesame seeds
There are many things in this world we could really live without, and as I ponder the list of useless things that are more annoying than useful, I’d have to put sesame seeds very near the top of that list. Somewhere between Left turn lollygaggers and greeti...

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Rule #9: Playing matchmaker
Do you know when is a good time to play matchmaker? Usually never . I would say the only time that hooking people up is appropriate, is if someone actually comes to you and requests to be introduced to someone else you know. Otherwise, it’s best to stay out...

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Rule #10: Wimpy Kids
How did kids get so soft? What was it that began this age of child entitlement and wimpyness? We’ve created a generation of fat kids who can’t go outside or eat nuts and are all ADHD positive. I’d like to go back in time and present to our forefathers one o...

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Rule #11: Credit and borrowing
Credit cards can be a convenient and economical way to handle daily funds. Used wisely you never have to worry about carrying cash and most cards offer incentives that will get you free shit . But be careful, young ones… take heed. The #1 rule is don’t carr...
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