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This is it -- the latest from The Golden Stag Players -- Beowulf, the Commedia! Yes ... really ... you have to see it to believe it.

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If you missed the play at 12th Night (2015), you can see it here ...
 (The Golden Stag Players put on Shakespeare, played it mostly straight, did an excellent job ...)

Today is Carolyn Eaton and my 20th Wedding Anniversary! We actually did it. We haven't killed each other, we still love and care about each other, and generally are pretty durn happy. Hard to beat that! Happy Birthday, darlin'! Here's to another 20 years! (And as is traditional for me on our anniversary, to those who, when we announced we were getting married all those years ago, said that it wouldn't last more than [a year | two years | or whatever -- and there were some]: Nyeeah! (see me sticking my tongue out at you?))

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The latest show from 12th Night is here, enjoy!

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Just a quick "About the GSP" video that sometimes goes on the DVDs ... it's here for an intro to the GSP for the channel.
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