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Looking for some TastyPie pros help out there... Is it possible to POST multiple related objects in one request?

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We just released a new app. I know it's the app you've all been waiting for: LDS Ward Finder!

Search for churches and meeting times from your iOS device. Great for travelers, or ward hoppers. #LDS #Apps

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Unfortunately true. Of course, this also means the real path takes 10 times as long as the path we expected.

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I thought I'd share my Quad-Screen-Desktop Edwards Stadium Wallpapers

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I LOVE GitHub (Git, Backup, Collaboration, Issue Tracking, Wiki and more) and how wonderful it has been for me...

But MAN is it expensive. $144 a year could buy me a LOT of space on iCloud or Dropbox.

I need G+ to integrate with Twitter, or I probably won't ever use it.

Check out our promotion. We're giving away leather triple combinations in the language of your choice! come check it out!

Excited to see non-geek friends on G+... Really excited to see the funny things +Taylor Berhow posts to her blog.

I'm was pretty excited for the G+ iPhone app. But this is kinda meh.

I'm going to try to move all my photos from Flickr to Picasa... Instagram won't post to Picasa though, only Flickr. Problem, since that's 90% of my photo sharing.
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