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"'s but a walking shadow"
"'s but a walking shadow"

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Magical Realism
The lights dimmed, and the church, filled beyond capacity, became quiet. An hour earlier I had dropped my mother off at the side door on Adams Street, which runs parallel with the large brick and Gothic inspired building. Adams Street is one of the primary ...

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Blame it on Tennessee
The other night, after watching PBS NewsHour, which included a tribute to John Glenn, one of America’s first astronauts, and before turning to NBC’s Thursday Night Football, I fell under the spell Magic Moments: The Best Of 50s Pop, a rebroadcast of a conce...

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Thank You
Dear MaineTransNet Community, Thank you.   It is with a degree of
sadness as well as a humble sense of satisfaction that I write this thank you
letter to the MaineTransNet community.   I’ve been connected to MTN for nearly eight years, first as a trans pers...

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Everyday is Halloween
On Friday we learned the US Supreme Court will review an appeals court ruling concerning a Virginia school district’s policy that discriminates against transgender students, in this case, high school student Gavin Grimm . The policy prevents him from using ...

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Playing with Dolls
did you know?   When did you know
you are the gender that you are?   You
know, when did you realize you’re a boy, a girl, a man, a woman, or something
else? Can
you recall that moment in time? Do you remember what year was it? How old were
you? No?
I d...

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This the text from a speech I wrote for tonight's vigil in Portland, Maine, as the spokesperson for EqualityMaine, in response to the tragedy in Orlando.  Hello, my name is Gia Drew, and I’m honored to work as program director at EqualityMaine, and humbled ...

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Trans Day, Maine State House, March 31, 2016 This past Thursday I was one of the featured speakers for a press conference at the first-ever, Trans Day at the Maine State House.  Below are the remarks I shared to an audience of supporters, curious legislator...

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The Future is Now
On Wednesday I arrived home late after another long day at work.
After putting down my bags, I sorted through a small pile of mail. I noticed Millay Colony for the Arts on the return address on one of the letters. I’ve
been attending a writer’s retreat each...

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I Could Never Love you Back
A close friend’s aunt just passed away. I could tell by the way she talked
about her, that she was someone very special. The funeral was this weekend. Today, I went for a walk in the woods. Along the way I crossed a few fields, sat next to a salt marsh, cro...

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A Daughter's Journey, part two
“It’s time” I smiled and
replied, “okay, great” I don’t think there are words to describe what my uncertain
smile really meant.  “This is going to
help you relax”  A syringe was
inserted into the IV that had been started in right hand almost an hour earlier...
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