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Chinese Elvis French toast: Salted duck egg custard and strawberry stuffed French toast brulee
Brunch is officially back bitches. I don't know where it
went, why I stopped going or how I ever fell out of love with it - but its
officially on my radar to have as many times as possible in one week. Whilst
having a meal replacement shake at work one morn...

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Banh xeo pork belly pancakes
This week at work there has been a lot of chat about
unassuming and totally pointless interview questions. As we are constantly
recruiting, the interview process does tend to get a little dull, and we were
thinking of idiotic questions that would keep us am...

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Hot dang! Northern China lamb & aubergine skewers with spiced buttermilk dressing
Just because its been snowing outside and your bones are
shivering to an ill planned tap dance mess, doesn't mean we should say no to
all the things that remind you of summer. There is nothing better than toasting
yourself under a giant rug with a tub of ic...

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Low carb courgette noodle ginger pow
From a
buttery, guilt ridden deeelish dish last week to a simple, humble and healthy
one today. Oh I just love the ridiculous expectations I set myself each year.
Which now lends itself to eating out less (sob sob) to save for a wedding, and
training my bod...

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Singapore squids in: Cereal butter style
Cereal butter squid madness It's been ages since a post! As much as I hate starting the post
with an is because I've been away in Hong Kong fattening
myself up and eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And post
dinner. And post dinner ...

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Little Lo beef short rib pot sticker dumperring
T minus 4 days till the food feast and gorge of our Hong Kong and Singapore trip. The boyfriend has never been, and it's a funny mix of wanting to just see family and do local things as well as do the tourist attractions I've not done in years. But one thin...

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Catch a matcha eclair
As it
gets colder, my butter and carb intake gets bigger. It's a direct and
unfortunate relationship, and very hard when you're trying to save money for a
food fest trip to HK and media-ville lends itself well to Christmas lunches and
drink in the next few ...

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Fujian seafood fried rice
A luxury twist on comfort food. Without being a total stereotype, I used to live off fried rice. It honestly was my bread and butter, especially whenever I went over to Grandma's house. No 'ma-ma chow fan' (Grandma's fried rice...boy was it a special fried ...

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Crispy chilli pork 'takeaway'
Shorter daylight hours coupled with my new addiction to Orange is the New Black (yes, I'm so late to the game) meant I rushed this post to catch the last bit of sunlight. So much so, that I was up on the roof shooting this just before sundown - so apologies...

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Chilli fish balls and dirty noodle heaven: wok to table in my new Tefal range
Gruelling work at the gym and feeble attempts to do a press up call
for reward. Probably, no, definitely not the most logical choice in
terms of health but it's hard gym sessions like I've had this week which
warrant a little comfort food. (Come the cold...
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