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LIFE Through The Lens
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through the Lens, The Final Episode; with Annette Biggers

Tonight was our last show. We wanted to go out with a flourish, with a great big high five to our audience... and with inspiration. That is, after all, what made us want to do this show in the first place; inspiring ourselves and  hopefully others.  

There could be no better guest to be our grand finale than +Annette Biggers. She is a photographer, artist, humanitarian, incredible human. She is also one of the most warm hearted, passionate and authentic people we have had the privilege to meet!

Tonight, Annette shared how she began as an artist and why she switched to photography. How learning to truly see and seek light changed her career. Why her fairy tale photographs hold the key to what is most important to her - and why mentoring is so important to all artists. She gave us her favorite tips when comes to business and marketing... and it's not what you might think!

Then we learned about the orphanage that her foundation Heart 4 Africa ( supports. What an amazing story of how we CAN make a difference; and what one woman glow-light Annette Biggers is! We couldn't have asked for a finer ending to our most wonderful show!

As this is our final show, we want to thank +Brian Matiash from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting LIFE Through the Lens - and for making it possible for so many of our audience members to win their very own  +onOne Software. Brian, you are a such a delight! We are so deeply grateful for you. 

And to our audience, without whom this journey would have been pointless: THANK YOU for believing in us, for showing up each week with great energy and humor - and being JUST the kind of people that made us want to give our very best. Gratitude squared! 

Much love from the LIFE Through the Lens crew: 
+Karen Hutton 
+Tamara Pruessner 
+Kelli Seeger Kim 
+Kerry Murphy 
+Ron Clifford 
+Anna Nguyen 
+Tana Teel.

Paul Johnston's profile photoDarlene Hildebrandt's profile photoRon Clifford's profile photo
+Darlene Hildebrandt depending on how things move forward, we'll see what happens :)
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LIFE Through The Lens

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Tonight on LIFE Through The Lens!

What do you do when Life throws a curve ball?
When you need to create order from chaos?

Find out how we do it  Real life, in real time,  on LIFE!

Right now on +Tamara Pruessner 's Stream
Chat is here :

Your awesomesauce hosts. +Kelli Seeger Kim +Tamara Pruessner +Anna Nguyen +Tana Teel and myself +Ron Clifford 
Joining us as a panel guest. +Jason Joseph 
Blyve is the next generation live blogging event platform built for brands and publishers to create and share real-time experiences with customers.
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LIFE Through The Lens

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If you thought you knew +Eric Cheng, think again!
In this episode, LIFE Through the Lens welcomed a true renaissance man!  Photographer, Technologist, Cellist, Skeptic and Director of Photography at Lytro... Eric is creativity²! So much talent rolled into one! 
We learned about his early musical background, the role cello plays in his life today, his stunning underwater photography and the groundbreaking Lytro camera ( and +Lytro ). There is never a dull moment in this show... and there are even a few surprises! 

Also... we held our awesome +onOne Software giveaway in the Aftershow... and want to congratulate +MaryBeth Farrell for being the happy winner of PerfectPhoto Suite 6.1!! Thank you for always making awesome a reality +Brian Matiash!!

+Ron Clifford +Karen Hutton +Tana Teel +Tamara Pruessner +Anna Nguyen +Kerry Murphy +Kelli Seeger Kim 
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through The Lens
with guest host +helen sotiriadis and Guest +Victor Bezrukov (at least for a while :)

It's always such a fun, informative and entertaining  time.

Your regular hosts were:
+Tana Teel +Tamara Pruessner +Kerry Murphy +Kelli Seeger Kim +Anna Nguyen and myself +Ron Clifford 
Jan Kabili's profile photoWilliam Parmley's profile photo
So many great photo hangouts available now.  I just caught The Photoshop Show 14 and so appreciated everything from +Jan Kabili and +Karen Hutton .  Now I see I'm behind on +LIFE Through The Lens -- must catch up -- thank goodness for +YouTube !!!
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through the Lens with the stunning +Tanya Rochat is now up!

What a great show! We covered the gamut; from Tanya's early beginnings growing up in a family of artists in South Africa... moving to Europe... to finding her home now in Australia; how she balances art and family; her background in commercial photography and fashion design; how she envisions, plans and executes her stunning digital matte paintings; her illustrations for a new children's book... what a talent and a delight!
Tanya is an Illustrative Photographer, Illustrator, Photographer, Concept Artist, Digital Artist, Digital Matte Painter and Graphic Designer. And she does them all brilliantly. 

Prepare to be amazed!

 _Also in this episode, we're excited to debut our new segment_  the +onOne Software Tip of the Day.  +Brian Matiash kicked it off with an awesome technique using Focal Point, one of the tools in Perfect Photo Suite. As you know, in the second half our show we give away a license for Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. We want to send out a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to +Jason Rykiss - this week's winner!

+Karen Hutton +Kelli Seeger Kim +Ron Clifford +Tana Teel +Anna Nguyen +Brian Matiash +Tamara Pruessner _
Jason Rykiss's profile photoRon Clifford's profile photo
Enjoy!+Jason Rykiss 
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LIFE Through The Lens

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Get your popcorn, favorite drink - and prepare to be Ooooo'd and Ahhhhh'd!!
Join me and my crew: +Kelli Seeger Kim  +Ron Clifford +Tamara Pruessner +Tana Teel +Anna Nguyen plus our SPECIAL GUEST HOST +Brian Matiash *tonight* when we welcome the jaw-droppingly fantastic +Tanya Rochat to +LIFE Through The Lens!!

Oh my, oh my are you in for a treat tonight!
If you haven't heard of or circled Tanya... you will and you MUST after this!
She is not only an Illustrative Photography, Illustrator,  Artist, Photographer, Concept Artist, Digital Artist, Digital Matte Painter and Graphic Designer... she's blast to talk to! And did I mention that she's absolutely gorgeous? Inside AND out? You simply won't want to miss our live broadcast, oh no you won't!

When: TONIGHT at 6pm PT / 9pm ET (your world time:
Where: Right here in my stream!* 

We just might have more surprises in store... so check back later today... and BE THERE tonight!!
LIFE Through the Lens... Starring Tanya Rochat!!
Tue, July 17, 2012, 9:00 PM EDT

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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through the Lens with our special guest +SmugMug!

They call themselves Support Heroes. We just know them as HEROES!
+Katherine Cheng +Ivan Makarov and +Nick Wrzesinski of SmugMug were... to coin a Smuggie phrase;  AWESOME! 

They shared the unique position each of them holds; how each of their journeys lead them to an avocation they love completely; about how SmugMug got started, what it's like behind-the-scenes, and how to do some cool stuff with your SmugMug account.

Nick did a 'how to get started' demo for us... and answered questions from the chat AND us!  Katherine and Ivan shared some real world business tips. We all had a fabulous time!

For those who missed it - and those who are re-watching (yes, there was enough juicy information to warrant a 2nd viewing!), here are links to some of the super scoops Nick shared with us:

- Image Protection including Right Click Protection:
- Right Click Protection Custom message:
- Cropping in Proof Delay:
- Pricelists:
- Easy Customizer:
- Customization FAQ:

And of course, find SmugMug on YouTube: 
SmugMug YouTube channel:
One big piece of news from the evening: 
Oct. 9th will be our last show. We've LOVED bringing LIFE Through the Lens to you for nearly a year; it's been a defining time for each of us. But we've decided it's time to throw a HUGE WRAP PARTY and send this show off in a blaze of inspired glory. 

So be ready! 
October 9th. Our guest will be +Annette Biggers; and it will be BIG!!

From +Karen Hutton +Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy +Tamara Pruessner +Ron Clifford +Tana Teel and +Anna Nguyen... 
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LIFE Through The Lens

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*Chaos and Life!!* 

And yes, I (+Tamara Pruessner) forgot to switch 'myself' off for the first few moments.  This is what happens in the chaos of my (and my co-hosts') life! 

In this episode, we talk about how we each deal with the chaos that life automatically brings.  +Jason Joseph was a special guest and we even had a cameo or two!  :D  Be sure to check out the episode - it was lots of fun!

We also held our +onOne Software giveaway in the aftershow - you have to be sure to tune in LIVE in order to win a copy of the suite!  And as always, thank you so much, +Brian Matiash for allowing us that fantastic giveaway!

+Tamara Pruessner +Karen Hutton +Anna Nguyen +Tana Teel +Ron Clifford +Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy 
William Parmley's profile photo
Hot dog!  I've been checking YouTube every day waiting for this to show up.  (I wasn't able to watch live.)  Thanks for posting and looking forward to watching later today.
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through The Lens

Tonight on +LIFE Through The Lens  !!

Bring your mask, snorkel and fins because...........

tonight  at 9PM Eastern 6PM Pacific  we have outstanding underwater photographer +Eric Cheng* as our featured guest.  Here is a snippet from his profile....

"I live in the intersection of photography and technology, with a bit of music on the side. I have been a professional photographer and publisher for the past 8 years, and have recently moved back into the tech world, joining Lytro ( as Director of Photography. "

Every Show we do I am amazed at what I learn and how I am inspired. come join us in the live chat and be part of the inspiration!!


your always awesome hosts, +Karen Hutton +Kelli Seeger Kim +Karen Hutton +Kerry Murphy +Tana Teel +Anna Nguyen +Tamara Pruessner and myself +Ron Clifford 

We love it when you share!
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Great photo!
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through The Lens with +Jake Easley, +jason jakober,  +Mark Rodriguez, and +Nick Gatens is now up!!

What a fantastically inspiring show!! (pssstt... It even inspired some new posts by the four gentlemen up there!) 

We talked about losing our photo mojo and how some of us get re-inspired to get back out there and take more shots or to process in new ways. 

As you know, in the second half our show we give away a license for Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. We want to send out a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to +Jeff Moreau - this week's winner!

+Anna Nguyen, +Tana Teel, +Tamara Pruessner, +Karen Hutton, +Kelli Seeger Kim, +Kerry Murphy, +Ron Clifford, +Brian Matiash
Jeff Moreau's profile photoCathy Collins's profile photoBrian Festa's profile photoLIFE Through The Lens's profile photo
+Cathy Collins We hear all kinds of differing opinions, It's so important to do it for yourself and your own growth.
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LIFE Through The Lens

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It's all happening shortly... and are YOU ever in for a treat!!

What: LIFE Through the Lens with the stunning +Tanya Rochat!!
When: TONIGHT at 6pm PT / 9pm ET (your world time:
Where: In +Karen Hutton's stream!

Join the LIFE Through the Lens Crew: +Karen Hutton +Kelli Seeger Kim +Tamara Pruessner +Ron Clifford +Tana Teel +Anna Nguyen and SPECIAL GUEST HOST +Brian Matiash  to help us welcome the magically gifted Tanya Rochat!! She'll be joining us all the way from her native Australia and we cannot WAIT! 

If you haven't circled (what?? Go do it RIGHT NOW!) or met Tanya... well that's her work below. Has your jaw dropped yet? Hehheh. Prepare to be amazed. 

It's an action packed night! Not only will be be visiting with Tanya, we begin our brand new "Processing Tip of the Day" segment... tonight shared by Brian... we'll be having our +onOne Software  Perfect PhotoSuite 6.1 giveaway contest... our Life+1 inspirational artist segment... and more fun than is probably legal to have!

Hope to see you in the chat!!
An album of 13 of my digital matte paintings

I have been busy illustrating a children's book for most of this year which has kept me from completing many new digital paintings.

Please share it if you like it :-)
#fineart #fineartplus #fineartphotography #trartist   #breakfastartclub   #digitalartsaturday   #digitalart  
Simona Benetyte-Mikutaviciene's profile photo
Love you page.... There are so wonderful works....
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LIFE Through The Lens

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LIFE Through the Lens with +Thomas Hawk is now viewable!

What a fantastic show!! Bringing tremendous candor and insight tenfold, Thomas Hawk was a complete inspiration. Covering SUCH a huge variety of topics like: what he loves about photography... why he biked across America at age 15... the nature of art and inspiration and why it's so important that we keep on keeping on... to the future of G+... Thomas was an open book and SO willing to share his thoughts and feelings with us. 

We were joined (and tipped off ahead of time on some "bro tips") by Thomas' sister +April Joy Gutel, which was such great fun!

+Trey Ratcliff  also joined us for a few minutes, to say hello and share his thoughts about Thomas Hawk and his work. He did this by sharing one of his favorite Hawk original prints - and describing the things he loves most about it. 

It was a touching and inspirational episode all the way around!

In the Aftershow, we did our giveaways live in the chat. We'd like to congratulate Birdy... winner of our +onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. You will LOVE your prize, it's the BEST!!

And +George Krieger... CONGRATULATIONS on winning a spot in +Trey Ratcliff's fantastic and brand new, upcoming online photography tutorial: Discovering the Art of Photography
Trey very kindly donated this free entry - and George, you will LOVE it! 
Find out more about the program here:
It promises to be wonderful in every way!

We hope you enjoy!
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Welcome to Life Through The Lens

LIFE Through The Lens is a lively, interactive web show about photography. Think of it as an animated coffee house conversation all about balancing life, photography, creative vision and oh yeah… having fun!

Come on over for the chat; then stay for the Aftershow/Afterglow as your hosts and our featured guest peek behind the curtain of a most excellent creative life on this raucous, bi-weekly vidcast! Catch us streaming and recorded on the Vidcast Network with Keith Barrett and via G+ OnAir Hangouts, accessed from any of our streams. See you there!

Your Regular Hosts

Confirmed Upcoming Guests

August 28th - Eric Cheng (stunning underwater photography

Sept. 11th - Marc Muench stunning wildlife and lanscape photographer

Sept 25th - Katherine Cheng (SmugMug)

Oct. 9th (our final episode!) Annette Biggers, photographer, humanitarian, inspirer of thousands