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How is it possibly going to be called healthcare if you cannot get into a hospital, get prescription drugs filled or mental health care given?

What do you have then? #badbill

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Wow. John Deere locks the farmer (I'd say owner but apparently they DON'T own the tractor according to the EULA) out from doing repairs without being gouged first from Deere ON USER SWAPPABLE PARTS.

Yup. And autonomous car markers are defending the practice. Danger danger Will Robinson.

The EULA for John Deere tractors is so restrictive, farmers are having to download illegal Ukrainian firmware hacks in order to maintain their crops.

Correct me if I am wrong - but is this Capital Hearing with Comey and the Adm. concentrating on the leak of names instead of the fact that Americans were caught continually speaking to Russians from the Trump camp??! The same Russians who IT IS KNOWN to have hacked the Dems and likely behind the fake news efforts at undermining the campaign??

Is that what Rep. Gowdy is working on so hard? Names were released??! I get that the FISA court is protected - but why the heck isn't this hearing about the future of our Democracy and if we even have one that isn't fully infiltrated by the Russians?!?

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Lamborghini's First Prototype Car, the 350 GTV. The car that started it all.

A new found OMG dream design for me. Love the lines on it and instantly joins the BMW 507 and Corvette Stingray split window in my winners circle. Not a complete list but what comes to mind as comparable along with the Volvo P1800


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Snow Leopard is the master of Parkour

This week in #animalsareawesome

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Maddie's tree finally bloomed significantly for the first time. 

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Absolutely correct

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Oh, RainBOW!

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Decorating with chocolate. Mesmerizing to watch and some cool techniques for +Jillian Bailey and +diane mann to try out

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Yes, I laughed.
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