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Stefannie Tan
Whatever else you are doing, keep on learning
Whatever else you are doing, keep on learning

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Is there a way to reopen recently closed tabs in Chrome when Chrome OS updates?

Has anyone here tried using the app Bitford on the web store to download torrents? I'm having trouble with it as it's stopped downloading at 99% of my file...also, I don't know where it's saving the file.

Posting on my new Toshiba chromebook (HD version)! Need a little getting used to to the new keyboard commands though. Also wondering if I can change the resolution :P

I did it. Bit the bullet and ordered the Toshiba Chromebook 2 from amazon (IPS model). :)

Those who bought the Toshiba Chromebook 2 and are using it as their daily driver, how goes it? The reviews I've read are a bit damning when it comes to its performance. But I'm leaning towards getting it for Christmas since I really do need a new laptop. I'd use it for email and general internet surfing. It'd probably be fine but I also do subtitling online and I wonder if it can handle that.

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Think you don't have anything to hide? This is why privacy matters to everyone.

So last year's flagship chromebook model was the HP 11. What about this year? I'm not quite sure if I'm going to jump the gun on any of the devices out now.

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Track Santa :D
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