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We believe in the ability of science to change individual health.
We believe in the ability of science to change individual health.

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We had a great conversation with Carolina Parent Magazine and PreviMedica about bio-nutrition.  From going #glutenfree, peanut #allergies, #ADHD, to #sleepdisturbances ... we covered it all!
In case you missed it, click the link below to read our conversation.

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We are continuing to work on something great for health improvement, weight loss, and weight management. Read more about our progress on our blog.   #health   #weightloss   #weightmanagement   #telehealth  

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Increased energy, decreased fatigue, better sleep, healthy weight – who wouldn't want these things? You don’t have to be an athlete or CEO to realize the importance of your daily performance and welbeing.  Learn how you can benefit from discovering your specific food sensitivities and eating a proper diet in this article from +Bloomberg News. #foodsensitivities   #healthyliving   #optimalhealth   #AlcatTest  

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Our Director of Nutrition Services, Amy Pieczarka, along with Dr. Rebecca Jackson of +Brain Balance Cary participated in a live Facebook chat today answering questions about how food can impact kids and their learning, behavior, and social functions.  Thank you to +Carolina Parent for setting it up! You can read all of the great questions and answers on their Facebook page. Have a healthy day! #healthyeating   #glutenfree   #foodsensitivities  

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