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Duck and Cover!
Pitchers continue to get struck by line-drives! Aroldis Chapman, the young All-Star pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, was struck in the head by a line-drive during a Spring Training game yesterday. This seems to be a reoccurring theme for MLB pitchers in the...

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Developmental Tendencies
Do adults influence the way children lie? Research gathered through a recent study, done in California, reveals that children can be introduced to the dynamics of lying by adults and their own tendencies involving lying. Children eventually learn the realit...

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Ukraine Crisis
Russia's Crimea position and Obama's transparent threats With the situation in Ukraine  worsening  each day, I fear tensions will bring about ridicule for our  President at a very unfortunate time in his Second term . Whether you have supported or  despised...

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San Francisco 49ers News
Anquan Boldin Re-Signing with San Francisco 49ers So as I woke up for work this morning, I watched a little bit of SportsCenter on ESPN. One of the bigger news stories that caught my eye out of the NFL world was about the 49ers, and their serious pursuit ab...

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So I guess I have to welcome myself to the blogging community. This, I'm going to treat as my introduction post. Hello, I'm Andre Albert and  I’m
a Home Owners’ Association Management Team Leader who’s currently continuing
education to become a Licensed Men...
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