On the 16th I asked all you little minions to recommend those plussers you most wanted to meet in real life with the intention of sharing these wonderful people on Circle Sunday. The original question was more specific, people you would be proud to introduce to your other real life friends and family, but after 170+ comments it got a little skewed! :) I wonder who derailed the thread, +Anthony Deaver and +Eoghann Irving.

I also got mentioned a few times, so I'm in this circle, but I suspect you all were kissing up since I was the one that started the thread in the first place. ;)

I've had this list circled for 3 days now and there have been some hilarious finds. Go through these profiles one by one to make sure you want to add them all. Don't add wholesale! These are all great people, but not everyone will be interested in the posting content.

Thanks everyone who commented on the original post! I think I might do this again for next week. <3

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