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Sarah Rios
Amateur writer and gamer chick. Love me some sci-fi!
Amateur writer and gamer chick. Love me some sci-fi!

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Wait, what?
Will Smith Plays a Modern Cop in a World Where Humans Live With Orcs in the Netflix Film ‘Bright’

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Yep I totally want to do this.
I really like this because you get two levels of shelves that are all reachable rather than having shelves that are twenty feet tall with a single stepladder in the corner. I actually want to reach some of those books, y'know. I'd do a much better job of filling these shelves up completely, though.

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Do the thing.
Mandate Disclosure on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

In order to get the independent Russia investigation going, we need a lot more info. Trump's taxes and conflicts of interest provide an excellent starting point and Representative Nader (D) filed House Resolution 111 which would mandate such disclosure. Of course, along partisan lines this could be defeated, unless we pull in enough Republicans disgusted with Trump (don't forget that "Never Trump" element in the GOP).

So call your Representative and let him or her know you support this Resolution!

Link to article includes a calling script. You can dive right in using the Congressional switchboard (202-224-3121).

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Stay alert, little minions.
The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI. The rest is a distraction
The White House reportedly tried to influence an active counter-intelligence investigation. All else, press ban included, is designed to deflect attention

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If you search for Tueholmsøen, Vallensbæk, Denmark on Google Maps, these Giants can be found on the trails North of there. Gonna have to visit someday!

See comments on OP for coordinates of 3 of them.
Giant Sitting on Snowy Hill
This morning I found yet another hidden giant - and at a place I've passed multiple times but never knew there was a giant hidden in the trees.
The giants I've previously found: and

I love finding these hidden giants on my walks. Thank you, +Thomas Dambo (, for making these giants for people to find.

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With some drainage holes and other modifications this could be a really great thing to put in a backyard!

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I love him.
Trae takes on the trans bathroom thing & explains "states rights" claims are really about finding an enemy to target, & LGBT+ isn't the end

NSFW, as always -- he's liberal, but he's still a redneck ;)

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I've been noting for a while that "scaling up deportations" requires giving people in the field more unreviewable authority to declare someone un-American -- without that troublesome burden of "courts."

And indeed, here's a dive into how this is being implemented, with officers deep in the bowels of DHS given authority to order "expedited removals" of a much wider class of people. With the anticipated change in the rules for asylum screenings, and the fact that once you have been removed, it's far more difficult to retroactively challenge the order, this turns into an effective mechanism for threatening anyone who "looks foreign" with summary deportation.

NB that the accompanying plan to deport everyone to Mexico, regardless of their country of origin, is another logistical optimization: if you had to figure out someone's country of origin, you'd start needing process, and might have to call into question whether they should be deported at all.

(My earlier article on the subject:
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