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Ahoy... April here!

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we’ve been thinking couples treasure to mark this most romantic of holidays! Our first pic comes straight from our "Sealed In Time" line of pure bronze and silver jewelry that I create with genuine wax sealing devices from times past. This seal depicts two hearts, tied with ribbon and the words “For Ever.” In bronze from $59, in Silver from $79, or with an authentic Ruby from $89

And just for our email and Facebook friends, we’ll include a genuine crystal clear Sea Glass pendant with a Swarovski crystal charm and chain in all phone or in-store purchases over $100 between now and the big day – February 14th!

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The weekend before Christmas in Cannon Beach! Come out to the coast and join us in our cozy little town!

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Dragons! Of all the mythical creatures that have journeyed with us from a time when our ancient ancestors gathered around the fire to tell tales of powerful creatures of a world just beyond our sight, Dragons have reigned supreme.

And now, Ancient Celtic Dragons have come to live at Cannon Beach Treasure Company! To the Ancient Celts, a dragon was a powerful protector and companion of the gods. Tasked with protecting the Celtic people, the animals of the earth, and the earth itself, dragons were revered throughout the Celtic tribes. In fact, holy sites were established where Dragons were said to pass or reside, so powerful was their influence on the natural world.

It is not surprising that some of the earliest Celtic art features Dragons – and we’ve been blessed to acquire some of the most unique bronze Celtic artifacts we’ve ever seen – in the form of Dragons. Dating from approximately 700 BC, the S-Shaped Dragon, along with the Open Circle Dragon, may have been used as clothing fasteners as well as protective talismans. The Lacy Dragon was used as a protective amulet all those thousands of years ago. Each of these artifacts accompanied an ancient Celt on their life’s journey.

While we will never know the Celt who created or wore these artifacts, we do know that dragon amulets were cherished for their ability to protect and defend their wearer. They are extremely rare – we’ve only seen a few such artifacts.

Now, just in time for the holidays, we are announcing the newest additions to our Empires Collection… Museum Recreations of these rare Celtic Dragon artifacts in bronze and silver. Using exacting industrial casting methods to create them – they are almost exact duplicates of the ancient amulets created by Celtic artisans almost 3,000 years ago. The largest is about the size of a US Quarter, and best of all, they are available from $39 – so you, too, can take a Celtic Dragon with you on your own life’s journey – after all, you wouldn’t want to be without one!

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Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide Post 5
Ah, the waves, the wind, the sand in your toes. If you’ve got that girl who’s always dreaming of the sea on your shopping list this season, have we got the answer…

For the “Always a Beach Girl”:
• Sea Glass, of course! What’s better than that rare color – red, turquoise or lime green – or the quintessential Sea Foam – the color of the sea after a storm? (From $15)
• A silver shipwreck coin with a ship on it! (These “ship shillings,” recovered by Robert, were minted in the Netherlands, but recovered in Galle Harbor, Sri Lanka – apparently the coins went a-Viking!) (Pendants in sterling and gold from $399)
• Fossil jewelry – Orthoceras, Trilobites and Sand Dollar fossils, oh my!
• Or a genuine Cannon Beach Sand Dollar in a locket pendant ($39)

If you’d like us to rush out an ocean-going treasure for your beach guy or girl, give the beach girls (that would be April and Lilly) a call… they can help you pick the perfect gift for your beach baby! 503.436.1626

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Ahoy... April here with an exciting announcement!

NEW – Medieval Angel Coins Just in Time for the Holidays! Just in time for the holidays, our Medieval Angel Coins are ready for adoption!

These stunning French deniers – just about the size of a US nickel – are found throughout the crusader states, along pilgrim routes to the Holy Land. Each is a tiny miracle – a survivor almost one-thousand-years-old that has a fascinating story to tell.

Made from 1157 AD to 1276 AD, these classically-medieval coins were used extensively in the Levant – the area traveled by the Crusaders on their way from Europe to Jerusalem. Their design is French, although they may have been minted in the Levant, rather than France. They depict a beautiful cross and crescent, in addition to the classic Crusader cross, on one side, and a stylized Angel on the other – hence their nickname: the “Angel Denier.”

We have a few of these amazing, and very rare, treasure coins ready in time for the holidays. If you’d like one for yourself or someone you love, just give us a call!

Individual Coins: $99 - $125 Bezeled in Sterling: $249 Bezeled in 14K Gold: $399


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Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide Post 4

Calling all Gladiator fans – come on, you know the type! If you’ve got an honorary ancient warrior on your list this Holiday season, go all out! After all, how amazing is the gift of an ancient coin or artifact he can display on his desk (or along with his sword and scabbard).

For the Honorary Ancient Warrior:
• Ancient Roman Empire bronze and silver coins recently unearthed in Spain, Britain and France
• A Viking Solar Cross – the quintessential Viking seafaring symbol for anyone who is ready to “Go a-Viking” (the term “Viking” means a nautical adventure… to “go a-Viking” means to sally forth on a seafaring adventure – who knew?)
• Crusader’s coins and crosses from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Crusades

We’re here every day this holiday season, so just give us a ring! 503.436.1626

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Got someone to get a holiday gift for that you can’t pry away from the treasure hunting shows on the telly? (Don’t worry, it’s a fairly common problem – no cure, but with rum it can be effectively managed.)

Check out this list, guaranteed to make their treasure-hunting dreams come true!

For Arm-Chair Treasure Hunters:
• A 1600’s Copper Pirate Coin from the Refugio Bay Pirate Cache
• A Gleaming Silver Treasure Coin from the Lafitte Hoard (These are almost gone, so if you would like a silver Spanish Piece of Eight discovered in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, you’ll want to grab one now!)
• An Ancient Greek states tetradrachm (a really big silver coin minted circa 187 BC) with Hercules wearing the Head of the Nemean Lion (yeah, how cool is that)

Give our in-house treasure hunter Robert a call, he’d love to help you get your treasure fan just what they’re dreaming of this year. 503.436.1626

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Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide Post 2
Today finds us mulling over what to get for that one of a kind MOM or NANA. Now you can skip the crazy sweater or penguin-shaped slippers… and get her a one-of-a-kind gift of treasure!

For Mom and Nana:
Hand-Carved Victorian Era Love Token Inscribed “Mother” (we only have one, so please let us know right away if you want to adopt this one)
A Biblical Widow’s Mite Ring, Pendant or Earrings from the time of Jesus’ birth and ministry
Celtic Ring Earrings with Sterling Silver Claddagh charms

We’re just a phone call away – and would love to help you match your mom to the treasure of their dreams.

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Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide Post 1
Fear Not, Weary Shopper – stay tuned to Cannon Beach Treasure Company for solutions to all your gift giving dilemmas with our Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide. Stay posted over the next few weeks as we give you ideas for those wonderful people in your life… starting with DADS and Grampas!

Confused? Flummoxed? Ready to just give up and resort to socks and underwear?

STOP! (No one deserves socks and underwear for the holidays… except maybe that really mean kid from A Christmas Story)

Cannon Beach Treasure Company can smooth that furrowed brow, solve your toughest gift-giving problems, and restore peace and order to the universe. (OK, that may be pushing it, but giving someone the perfect gift does create a pocket of peace and order at a quantum level… we’ve done studies in the conservation lab to prove it… really!)

And so – without further forays into theoretical physics – here is the first installment of the Ultimate Treasure Gift-giving Guide:

For Dads and Grampas:
• The World-Famous “Piece of Eight”
• 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Rum Bottles (ask Robert for one that can still be used to serve rum, if that man in your life is of the pirate persuasion).
• Civil War Coins and Relics

Give us a call – and we’ll help you find the perfect gift this holiday season. 503.436.1626

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Ahoy, Lilly here! We wanted to take a moment and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We truly appreciate your support throughout the year, and as a special thank you we will be giving a free Biblical Widow's Mite with any purchase over $100! These coins were recovered in the Holy Lands and were used by Jesus to teach about the state of your heart - a particularly meaningful message at this time of year! We hope you are all blessed with full hearts and surrounded by the ones you love.

And don't forget to join us on Friday for Mimosa Madness! Why go to a stuffy mall when you can come to Cannon Beach to get all your holiday shopping done in one day while enjoying your favorite adult beverages? As per tradition we will not be serving Mimosas, we will be serving Robert’s famous pirate spiked coffee!
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