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Suzanne Bright
My latest obsession.. Running
My latest obsession.. Running

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changing blogs
I have decided to change over to wordpress for my blog.  I plan to keep this blog up for a while, just to see my previous posts.  What I really like in wordpress are the themes and the drop down menus, I find it makes it easier to organize posts.  We will s...

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taking it easy
Yesterday I was thinking of going to run some mile repeats, or running up and down hills.  But as I thought about it I didn't really want to go and do this in full sun.  So I decided to hit the trails! I am so glad I did.  I have never really gone trail run...

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training plan - The Hapalua Half Marathon
This was my training plan for the Hapalua Half Marathon.  I got injured during the start, and towards the end I got a little lazy.  I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I did improve my PR from 1:57:26 to 1:55:54. I will be attempting  Hal Higdon's Advan...

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I went out and ran 4.15 miles this morning.  It seemed fitting, given the date.  It was an easy/recovery run.  I didn't care about pace, I was just trying to enjoy the run.  I thought about the people that were at the Boston Marathon 2 years ago.  I thought...

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trying to think of a game plan
This morning I ran my last hard workout.  6 x 400 meters.  It was tough.  I wanted to try to go at a little faster than 5k pace, so average around 7:30min/miles.  Yep.  That didn't happen.  I went too fast.  This is a real problem of mine.  Though, I am thi...

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good runs
Yesterday was a great day. I wrote about how my long run felt kind of bad.  It wasn't the best run.  My paces were fine, but mentally I just didn't feel it. Yesterday - wow - my runs felt so different! I started in the morning with a three mile run.  I had ...

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getting nervous
I have run half marathons before.  I think The Hapalua will be number 6.  My last one I finally managed to break 2 hours.  I wasn't really training to, I just knew I wanted to break 2 hours. However, this time I am getting very nervous about my times.  The ...

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weekly recap - week 11
This week wasn't so good.  It was all about being dedicated.  Most of these runs were hard to get through.  Sunday I wasn't feeling too good, so I will try to fit in my long run Monday morning.  Only two more weeks until the half marathon! Monday: Morning s...

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intervals and race pace
This morning I actually woke up well rested and ready to run.  Well, at least my mind was ready to run.  As soon as I started the excuses also started up. On the cards was 4 x 1600m.  I was planning on a mile warm up and cool down, and a quarter of a mile r...

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rest days
My training plan said to run today.  The BBG workout said to exercise today.  Never miss a Monday. That's what they say. But I did everything 'they' told me not to do.  I didn't run.  I didn't work out.  I missed a Monday. I was feeling a little guilty.  Bu...
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