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Jakob Richardson
Commodities trading, business, ETF analysis and truthiness.
Commodities trading, business, ETF analysis and truthiness.

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Probably A Good Idea Since Russia Is Probably Going To Annex Latvia
Defence funding and terrorism to take centre stage at NATO meeting Brussels (dpa) - Defence spending and the fight against terrorism are expected to dominate a two-day meeting of NATO defence ministers starting Wednesday, which will be the first meeting att...

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Private Industry Continues To Take The Lead On Climate Change
HP Commits to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Its Global Operations Another 25 Percent After setting and meeting two successive Scope 1 and Scope 2 absolute reduction goals for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)1, HP Inc. announces a new target to reduce t...

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Could Not Have Come At A Better Time
China-Venezuela commission oversees refinery expansion project CARACAS - The China-Venezuela Joint Commission on Tuesday is reviewing the expansion of the Puerto La Cruz refinery, according to Venezuelan Vice-President of Planning and Knowledge Ricardo Mene...

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The Investment Flood Gates Have Opened And I Doubt They're Going To Get Closed Now
Iran: Trump Stance Won't Derail Foreign Investment in Oil, Gas Iran's deputy minister for petroleum says the hawkish stance taken by U.S. President Donald Trump on the Iranian nuclear deal is a "passing hiccup" that should not affect foreign investment in t...

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I Want To Say Bearish Crude (USO), But Let's See How This Pans Out
Energy has been a general puzzlement lately. On the one hand OPEC is abiding to it's prescribed cuts and on the other the wheels of production are turning again on Shale Oil . Oil ETF USO currently finds itself in a declining channel which is bearish and a ...

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If You Ask Nicely Maybe They'll Buy The Rest Of The Country
Nation's investments creating thousands of new British jobs The fast expansion of Chinese companies in the United Kingdom is creating local jobs at a time when Brexit uncertainties have caused unemployment fears. In addition to direct job creation, employme...

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Fake News And Now Fake Money Is A Problem (Apparently)
Nigeria’s Central Bank Slams Fake Currency Claims Nigeria’s central bank has denied claims by one of its former governors that 20 percent of the currency in circulation in the West African country is fake. In a budget hearing at the country’s National Assem...

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I'm Sorry, You Don't Put Up Walls, You Build A Longer Table
Cost of wall is less than cost of services for illegals: Report If President Trump's border wall stopped just 10 percent of new illegal immigrants it would pay for itself by saving American taxpayers from spending money on services for those migrants over t...

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Safe Bet To Watch Biotechnology (XBI) Retrace And Just Buy The Dip
I made a brilliant "long/buy" call for Biotechnology ETF XBI about two weeks ago and it has since powered on to a critical resistance point , $69.00. This is the previous high from back in October I think is going to present a bit of a challenge because the...

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This Is Going To Be One Hard Uphill Battle
China poised to defend against rising protectionism BEIJING - As anti-globalization appears to be sweeping across world economies still struggling with slow recoveries, China is poised to defend its exports against escalating protectionism. "We do not want ...
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