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Sorry - I just saw your post - How can your chruch say that?  The Moravians were one of the first to start moving away from Catholics through John Hus!  I am shocked that you were so misinformed!  We are actually in communnion with the Lutherans and have been for quite a few years.  Do not let a Pastor feed you your theology or your beliefs and history - try to find the information on your own - or better yet, seek out other denominations and ask them!
I was raised Lutheran, and I know our church did not consider Unitarians, Quakers, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Moravians, the Amish, or Mennonites to be protestants. They viewed each of these to be religions that departed from scriptural teachings in order to add new things to the religion. They also taught that Catholicism was a perversion. This division among Christian religions will be impossible to overcome. Lutheranism taught that because Luther was the first to depart from Catholicism that his rebuttal was proper and all other interpretations were wrong. I think you'll find that many other religious organizations teach similar ideas.
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