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Viewpoints Industry TV on How to Run a Successful Business

Success can be defined in many ways from being a top revenue maker to being a small business running optimally. Viewpoints Industry TV offers how to run a successful business. 

Teamwork is still a key factor in running a business. If each person working in a department or in a small business knows their job, feels free to offer workarounds and solutions to problems and is sure their voice will be heard, the company as a team will be successful in everything they do.

Transparency still counts. Despite the overuse of this word, transparency in the workplace doesn’t just mean sharing the financials from last year. It also means that business leaders should share the ups and downs, successes and failures along with all the bumps in the road with those who are working toward the same goal.

Be honest. Honesty is a trait that many small to large businesses fail to grasp. Viewpoints Industry TV encourages readers to be honest when mistakes are made. Speak up professionally and with diplomacy when a good idea or solution comes to mind. 

Be flexible. Be willing to adapt new techniques to change a stagnant one. Write and test new processes and utilize the ones that work. Nothing remains the same forever. A successful business is one which is willing to adapt to change easily.

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Online attacks are more prevalent today than they were a year ago. The latest attack happened recently and affects everyone with a Yahoo, Gmail and Face Book account. Viewpoints Industry offers suggestions about how to check your accounts to see if they have been compromised. 

Almost every website the Internet visitor visits requires the user to register and log in with an email address, user name and password. So we are informing readers of the 2 dependable websites which check user email address and let them know if their accounts have been hacked or comprised.
This website is great because it not only lets the user know if their email is compromised but informs the user of the websites and accounts which have been comprised. After entering the email address, click pwned and look below for a useful explanation.
This website offers the user information if their email was compromised, how many times and the most recent compromise. Below is what the results where when we ran the writer’s personal email address. 
Unfortunately we have found your email in the data leaks we've collected thus far. Here's a little more information:
• We have found this account 2 times since July of 2011
• It was last discovered approximately 5 months ago, on 2013-11-11.
Viewpoints Industry TV suggests readers take the time to check their email address on one or both of these sites and if a compromise is found, change the password to something stronger than the previous one. An example of a stronger password is one which consists on numbers, small and upper case letters and symbols. Be sure to write them down in a notebook and do not store them on the computer. 

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Viewpoints Industry TV and National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Senior fitness is on the rise as exercise classes geared to them are on the rise across the country. Viewpoints Industry TV offers some reminders before National Senior Health and Fitness Day held in late May this year. 

Physicians and health care providers who encourage seniors to be more active might want to suggest building muscle also. Studies done by the UCLA School of Medicine suggest that building muscle is just as important to decreasing metabolic risk as eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Fortunately, almost all of the senior fitness classes offered by senior community centers and non-profit organizations include working with light weights which help in building strong muscles and also help class participants maintain balance. Muscle strength aids those who have trouble walking on a daily basis. 

Viewpoints Industry learns that those who take the classes not only improve their health, but have a more active social life which helps in feeling not so lonely. Senior community centers are located in most major cities and some of them offer free transportation there. Ask a friend or relative to help find the best senior fitness class in the area. Many of them are free or offered at a very low cost. Why not take one class and see if it suits your needs? There is nothing to lose and much to gain. For more information about National Senior Health and Fitness Day, please visit

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Viewpoints Industry TV and the Best Airlines in the U.S.

Which airline would you rather take to an out of state business meeting or to visit family and friends? Viewpoints Industry TV offers a list of the best US airlines for both kinds of travel. 

Virgin Airlines, owned by billionaire Richard Branson ranked first in an airline customer satisfaction survey. The 2014 Airline Quality Rating report which conducts annual studies on airline performance gave the airline a 1st place spot for the second year in a row. The airline has a great arrival on time records, looks at on-time arrivals, denied boardings, mishandled bags, and customer complaints. The final overall ranking is an average of all four scores. Virgin Airlines arrives more than 80% on time, mishandled very few bags, and hardly denied boarding on its flights. In all four categories, the airline with the purple interior ranked well above the national averages. 

Jet Blue came in second, Delta was third and Alaska Airlines was fourth. The last place went to American Eagle. The most common complaints filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation were about flight delays, cancellations and scheduling, customer service, lost, damaged or delayed baggage and reservation mistakes make when ticketing and boarding. Viewpoints Industry sees domestic airlines improving overall which makes every aspect of flying easier to handle. Now if only the TSA security lines would move a little more faster traveling in the air would be a breeze.

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Viewpoints Industry on How to Save Energy This Summer

Spring is here and summer is not that far behind. As the temperature warms up across the country, home air conditioners will be going full force to cool us off. It’s kind of hard to believe that after a brutally cold winter that never seemed to end. Viewpoints Industry offers some tips on how to save energy this summer. Yes, we said summer. It’s coming!

Air leaks happen even in the best of maintained homes. Check windows and doors for any leaks. Caulk leaky windows and fix leaky doors with weather stripping. 

Close the shades on the sunny side of the house during the day. This holds the cool air from the AC in and it doesn’t have to work so hard. 

Don’t use the oven. A fully heated oven with the door closed can still warm the kitchen. Open the door and it warms it even more. Use the stove instead. Or better yet, go out for dinner.

Take a cooler shower. Turn the water heater thermostat down to 115 degrees instead of the usual 130. This saves about $50 a year. Plus, it is really refreshing to bathe in cooler water when the outside temperature is warm. 

The Viewpoints Industry television show suggests programming that programmable thermostat. Set it to a comfortable 78 or 79 during the day and a cooler 74 at night. By setting a time to turn on and off, consumers can save a respectable amount of money. 

A final word of advice: Eat more ice cream. It always cools us down. 

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Viewpoints Industry TV

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Viewpoints Industry TV and How to Work with Personalities

One of the most challenging aspects of the office is learning how to deal with the variety of personalities working inside. 

Every office has a variety of personalities working within its walls. Viewpoints Industry TV offers some suggestions on how to work with them from the most abrasive type to the one who seems meek and compliant. 

Starting at the top, the CEO is the first personality type to understand. Is he or she the headstrong kind of person? Are they friendly and easy to approach? Managers are the next one down. Their personalities are sometimes to most challenging to get a grasp on and work with day to day. One might be a hard-working, no nonsense kind of person, another could be the flirtatious kind of person who rubs you the wrong way and another could remind you of a brother. Worker personalities are like the different colored M&Ms. How all these people work in the same office for eight or more hours a day can seem confounding. 

Viewpoints Industry offers these tips on how to deal with the many personalities in the office:

• Be open and willing to listen, observe and understand each person. 
• Understand that as human beings, we may not get along with every one with whom we work. But we need to try and work with a manager who personality is not one we like. 
• It’s okay to know that we do not have to get along with everyone.
• Your personality might be irritating to someone else. 
• Always try to remain on an even keel even when someone else’s personality grates on your nerves. 
The people and personalities we work can be interesting and fun or a nuisance we have to contend with every day. It all depends on how we look at it. 

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Viewpoints Industry TV on Where to Not Use a Debit Card

Debit cards are not as well protected against fraud as a credit card. Viewpoints Industry TV offers a few pointers on where to not use a debit card.

Shopping online is easy, fun and convenient. No circling the mall parking lot for the best space. No standing in line at the register. But online buying can be fraught with theft and can result in a depleted checking account. Use a credit card. There are more protections for it than the debit card. 

Try not to use a debit card at the gas pump. This is the most common place where thieves place skimmers. Pay with cash inside or use a debit card inside. If in a rush, its better to use a credit card at the pump. 

Use a credit card or cash if making small purchases in shopping centers, dining at a restaurant or at the grocery store. It’s easier to keep track of how much is being spent when the cash starts to run out. 

Always remember to regularly check bank statements and credit card statements for any suspicious activity. Viewpoints Industry suggests questioning any charge or debit that does not seem to be right. If anything suspicious is notices, notify the provider immediately and cancel the card. Why take a chance on suddenly learning a thief cleaned out a checking account?

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Viewpoints Industry on the Heartbleed with Open SSL Virus

If have not heard about this major threat to PCs everywhere, let us give you a little background on it and how to protect yourself from it. Viewpoints Industry shares what it learns. But there is no need for panic. 

The Heartbleed bug with Open SSL leaves encrypted data supposedly protected by the cryptographic software library open to scammers. This is the source code that allows attackers to steal information typically protected by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. In other words, URLs beginning in https are not as secure as once thought. Many websites are already aware of the issue and have taken steps to fix the problem. However, it is always a good idea to chance passwords on regularly visited websites every six months.Viewpoints Industry TV offers suggestions about to protect personal data below.

What to do:
• Change all passwords on personal financial accounts and on retail sites, or other commonly used websites you visit beginning with https. 
• Physically write the new passwords in a small notebook and keep it in a secure place away from the computer. Don’t store passwords on the computer. 
• Passwords should be long (8 or more characters), contain small and upper case letters and at least one symbol such as the # symbol.

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Viewpoints Industry on How to Handle Sleeplessness

Nothing is more annoying than waking in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Despite our tendency to stay in bed and fight to doze off, Viewpoints Industry offers some tips on how to handle sleeplessness. 

No clock staring. Turn the clock backwards so it’s not facing you. Cover smart phones or move them to another room. 

Get out of bed. Lying in bed when you can’t sleep tells your body that this is a place to stay awake, say experts. Get up and go sit on the couch or chair and read, listen to music or watch something boring on TV. 

Meditate. Use the method that works best for you. If this is to just sit quietly and listen to your breath, do it. 

Write down any anxieties on your mind. Sometimes, this is the best way to rid your mind of worry which keeps you awake. Try journaling your worries during the day and adding a solution to them.

Develop a sleep routine. Viewpoints Industry TV encourages you to find the best routine for bedtime. Many people take a warm shower, (wash those worries away!), slip into bed, flip on the TV or read, stretch and relax until they doze off.  Don’t read email, send a text or reply to one once you get in bed. That only adds something else to think about as you try to fall into slumber land.

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Viewpoints Industry TV and Working in Bad Weather

Bad weather can wreak havoc on a business and its employees. When inclement weather is predicted and strikes the area, Viewpoints Industry TV suggests having a bad weather policy in place and ready to implement. 

As business owners and employees are learning in the Northeast, bad weather changes everything. The key to making these kinds of days tolerable for everyone is to notify people before blizzards, hurricanes, torrential rain and other natural events occur. 

Business communication starts at the top and works its way down through management to staff. Create a phone/text tree to determine who will contact employees in the case of an office closure and when the office will be open again. Use a checklist when creating the communication plan so no one is left out. The most effective form of communication is by phone or text. 

Define the circumstances of when the office closes and how people will be paid. Let workers know if snow days and other weather disaster days will be paid if the office is closed. No one likes to be surprised on pay day. Be clear about it right up front. 

Viewpoints Industry TV suggests a review of the employee manual once a year with special attention paid to inclement weather days. The weather has been wild in many regions in the last year and the New Year is proving to be just the same. Form a plan now for bad weather days and communicate it as soon as possible to staff. Leave no one out. 
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