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News Special: Housing White Paper
You’ll never fix the broken market without social housing The Government’s
much-anticipated repair-plan for Britain’s broken housing market is
missing a critical part of the fix. It begs the question, do
ministers really want to solve the crisis – or just c...

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Cover Story: Britain must put its housing in order if it truly wants to defeat poverty
Plans laid to end age-old scourge The Joseph Rowntree
Foundation has issued society with a challenge for the millennium
with its bold strategy to end poverty by 2030. But the organisation’s
vision will stand or fall on one critical element – a genuine and

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Private landlords are tired of being a scapegoat
We’re in
the business of providing homes, just like you The
private rented sector has come in for some stick lately, but it’s
currently meeting housing needs other tenures are failing to address.
Changes to taxation, however, are threatening the business mo...

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Getting behind the rent
Lost in translation New research has
claimed an indisputable link between the introduction of Universal
Credit and tenants getting behind in their rent. The implications for
landlords and tenants alike are significant, but it can be fixed –
if the Governmen...

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Cover Story: May The Lady Be For Turning?
Britain on the blink Can housing saving the economy from the Brexit blues?  The
collapse of David Cameron’s Government opened a Pandora’s Box for
Britain, but a window of opportunity for the social housing sector.
Can the new Prime Minister be persuaded the...

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Well, who needs council housing anyway?
Quite a lot of people,
actually... With social housing in
decline there’s never been a greater need for councils to
strengthen their presence as landlords offering secure, low-cost
housing but Government policy threatens to snuff out their new
beginning By ...

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Cover Story: Buy-to-Let Blues
under siege? Private
landlords and buy-to-let investors are feeling rather aggrieved by
recent Government policies their representatives have called an
attack on the sector, but however hard-pressed they may be it’s not
like they’re social landlor...

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LIFE: Living In The Future Of Retirement
chic in the world of tomorrow Unless the
Reaper picks us off early, we’re all going to grow old, writes Mark Cantrell , so we need
to spare a thought to how we’ll live in those senior years to come.
But no matter how well-informed we are, second-gues...

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Interview: Shadow Housing Minister John Healey MP
Return to dismay Dismayed
at the way the country seems to have gone backwards since he held the
housing portfolio in the last Labour Government, John Healey tells Mark Cantrell it’s time to generate some radical but credible
thinking First published in the ...

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An education in housing
Go to the top of the asset class Student accommodation is becoming big business, having emerged as an attractive asset class for investors. In the process, it might offer clues to the creation of an institutional private rented sector  By Mark Cantrell This...
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