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URGENT: Seeking to corroborate this video said to show choppers flying towards "Belbek" Sevastopol International Airport. Can someone listen to the radio and advice on language/accents or other clues about location.
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public transport stopped going from Krasnodar to Feodosia, Sevastopol and Simferopol informs interfax South referring to the main bus station info bureau of Krasnodar 1. transport to Odesa goes through Roston-na-Donu. some press reported before that Kerch passage was going to be closed
Thanks Tania, is that a translation of the radio audio? If so, are there any local traffic reports that might corroborate the date of the video. 
yes, i translated what was said on the radio, but no date or location was mentioned, very short notice about public transport being cut for that routs.
ministry of inner affairs Avakov states that some Ukrainian airports in Crimea were being blocked by Russian military. Balbek (Sevastopol airport) is being blocked by Russian fleet. around 1.30 local time 119 militars came to the airport with firearms and located in a restaurant, they obviously belong to Russian military troops but do not communicate with anyone
Some information that supports video:
A trusted journalist source who has seen the metadata for the video says it confirms the time and date. See here: 

ITV's James Mates added that the video was filmed near Chervonoye (Червоне). The uploader's VK &  Facebook give his home location as Yevpatoriya. ITV's James Mates gives the location of the video as near Chervonoye (Червоне), which is around 60km north of “Belbek” Sevastopol International Airport. It is a few kilometres from Yevpatoriya. This corroborates the location of the video, although it should be noted that Chervone is some distance from the airport.

According to +Tania Kinal and another source corresponding with us on Twitter, the radio report quotes an Interfax report. We found the Interfax report cited by the audio, and the information in the eighth paragraph tallies with the radio report. The Interfax report is dated February 28. This confirms the date of the video.

Interfax report is here:
Just to keep things in one place, this is the Interfax report that matches what is referred to in the audio:

"...Как бы то ни было, в пятницу были приостановлены рейсы пассажирских автобусов из Краснодара в города Крыма - Феодосию, Симферополь и Севастополь. А доставка пассажиров в Одессу осуществляется через Ростов-на-Дону. Об этом сообщили агентству "Интерфакс" в справочной службе автовокзала "Краснодар-1".

"...Regardless, on Friday passenger bus routes from Krasnodar to Crimean cities Feodosia, Simferopol, and Sevastopol were stopped. Transport of passengers to Odessa is realised through Roston-na-Donu. This was communicated to Interfax agency from the office of "Краснодар-1" bus station.
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