A new way to explore Google+ content by category

If you’re like me, you’re already using Google+ to keep up with your interests and discover content across topic areas. Today we’re making it even easier to browse content by category with a new “Explore” experience on desktop and Android. The desktop version includes:

1. A summary view that highlights posts across multiple categories.
2. A starter set of topics (like Music, Sports and Photography) that you can click on to explore further. What’s Hot is also listed here, instead of in the navigation bar.
3. The ability to search for specific topics, and read what others are saying about them.
4. The option to “go deeper” on relevant sub-topics (like #HolidayBaking) when you select or search for a topic (like #FoodAndDrink).
5. An easy way to follow the people and/or join the communities that are talking about the stuff you’re into.

To get started on desktop, simply click “Explore” at the top of your Home stream. On Android, you’ll start seeing a new “Explore Google+” card in the What’s Hot stream.

Today’s update is initially available to U.S. English users, but we’ll expand to more countries and languages over time. We’re also rolling out “Explore” gradually, so check back soon if you don’t see it yet.

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