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Inventor, Hobbiest, Tinkerer, and destroyer of worlds.
Inventor, Hobbiest, Tinkerer, and destroyer of worlds.


Platformio + VSCode is much better than Arduino IDE, and actually works unlike Microsoft's Arduino addon of VSCode.
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Im really fond of e3d's design of the toolchanger platform. Out of all the 3d printer designs I've seen so far, it has nearly every feature I could ask for.
I don't think I could afford the whole thing, but as a motion platform I'm very interested. It's good to see something different than the "me too" Prusa variants or ultimaker clones. This is the second design I've seen so far that interests me, the first being Rene Juracks DICE.
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Look what just came in the mail today.
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Hand soldered all the components. It's beautiful. Need to wire up. I forgot to add the level shifters to the board, and purchase them too, lol.
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The first PCB I've had built in a while.
I'm designing a clock. You can see the early prototype (blue pcb). This is the beta, designed as perfboard so I can play around with features and pinouts.
It's using a NRF52840 Feather Board from Adafruit. That means it'll have Bluetooth. I'm also adding a speaker, and gesture control module.
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I'm gonna miss the good people here on G+
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Ryan has been working on this for years. If you follow me you'll know that I'm very detailed and particular about my 3d printers and designs.
Ryan is one of the few people who meet my exceptionally high standards on design considerations and engineering. I wholly support this book and have already pre-ordered it because I know it'll be good.
After years of work, my 3D printing book is finally in press! Title:
3D Printer Engineering Volume 1: Motion Platform Design
You can pre-order here for 15% off early-bird discount:

This is a book for anyone who designs, modifies, or maintains 3D printers. Which is definitely everyone here!

The first round of printing is supposed to be done in 1-2 weeks, so it will ship soon. The early bird discount is planned to end at that point.

Table of contents for Volume 1:
1) Introduction
2) Machine Architectures
3) Popular Machine Architectures
4) Frame Construction
5) Popular Frame Types
6) Motion Hardware
7) Popular Motion Systems
Further Reading

Some of y'all already know this, but yes, this is the first book in a whole series of 3-5 or more books. Volume 2 (Drivetrains) and Volume 3 (Stepper Motors) are fully written, but need illustrating and editing, and that takes a healthy while. So I think Volume 2 is maybe a year out. (I wouldn't wait on more volumes to come out before you buy; I wrote Vol 1 to be a good resource on its own.)

Thanks to all the regulars here for years of interesting posts and discussions -- you were part of developing this book!
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Still going to post here until a better alternative to g+ is found.

I bought lot's of parts for the printrbot, going to do major changes, stay tuned.
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I really wish there was a 32bit controller board, small size, with 4 TMC2660 stepper drivers for under $100

This is a vastly underserved market. A few years ago I started on a similar design but never finished it. Near Drop in replacements for lower cost printers with minimal required features.

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Oh look, it's a printer. Better get started on modifying it.

Replace all motors with 0.9 degree steppers
Replace belts with genuine gates gt3
Replace electronics with 32bit (looking for suggestions for cheap)
Replace base frame
Replace Power supply with 24v
Replace hotend
Replace extruder with Bondtech BMG
Build enclosure
Replace bottom heater.
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