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Megan McGrew

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I don't have any more pictures of it because my phone broke, but this is Sunbeam. It started as a joke with Mr. Sands. The Art of Apex show was coming up and I was asking about the submission rules. He said as long as it could fit through the doors of the v...

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That was fun. On to the next project.

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Venus da Piercings
Sands should make this his wallpaper for Art History tomorrow.

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Matt Smith...
Looks better with eyebrows geckos Sure, I could have turned a tongue into a frog, but I think Matt Smith needed some friends.

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Sands Again
Sort of. Not really. I enjoyed Art II so much that I really wanted to get into another art class for second semester. Unfortunately my second period block was taken and Mr. Sands' third period computer art and animation was full. With a photoshop-enabled la...

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I like whales. Not sure why. But it's a thing. I drew this during English class the first semester of my sophomore year. Ever since then, I've drawn whales on everything. I use 'improbablewhale' as a username for youtube and a lot of other things. The bigge...

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Weekend Projects: Dollar Store Mug
Title says it all. It's a thing I'm gonna start doing. (Technically I started last week but I also did a mug last week so I didn't want to do a double mug weekend.) Yesterday I took my brother and his friend to see Thor 2 (great movie) and as usual we stopp...
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