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Recommended Gifts Gadget Toys For Dogs
There are a LOT of ways to make dog ownership easier. Oftentimes I find students using the wrong equipment, or not having any proper equipment or toys. Here is a list of products I recommend for dog owners.

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Labrador Retriever Is The Most Popular Breed In The US
I am a big fan of Labrador Retrievers. I've trained many of them, and you can't get a finer family dog. Social, highly trainable, fun, short coat, moderate exercise demands, and a great reputation (which helps when renting an apartment). They also alert you...

I've been training dogs now for nearly 18 years. Because of all that experience and study, I can take on some very difficult cases that you'd never give to a much less experienced dog trainer. Often combining a knowledge of animal and human behavior, not every situation is as simple as teaching a dog to Sit on command. 

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If you are interested in saving animals, then you should become familiar with Citizens Animal Welfare Society. Our Objective: The creation of Citizen's Animal Care And Control, a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 foundation, dedicated to implementing the No Kill Equation for domestic and wild animals, starting in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Proposal: To privatize animal control with a citizen's non-profit foundation committed to the following principles:
1. Implementation of the No Kill Equation; implementation of animal rescue best practices, 
2. Professionalizing Animal Welfare; the perception and practice of animal rescue often is a.) agitated; b.) without direction; c.) doing and saying things they shouldn't do on a regular basis; and d.) generally making things worse. We will professionalize animal rescue, training future leaders volunteers, implementing professional fundraising and consulting services, and making animal rescue more effective. Ours is a learning organization, to help raise those kinds of good, ethical, experienced leaders using good business skills effectively to save these animals.
3. Operating according to the generally accepted Best Practices for non profit organizations; including financial accountability, fraud prevention, open meetings, open books, ethical and professional operation of animal rescue organizations, lawful animal rescue operation, 
4. Promotion of animal welfare; including responsible domestic animal ownership, and wild animal conservation, humane euthanasia, increased public awareness of animal rescue, promotion of animal and environmental conservation through sound scientific practices, promotion of the concept that pets should only be bred for form and function; to have a home with humans; using modern breeding science; in behaviorally sound manner so as to promote good temperament; to not increase pet homelessness or neglect
5. Implementation of the following values in our work: a. It's about the animals, not us; b. We practice high standards, value knowledge and education, and a live by a competent work ethic; c. We treat others by the Golden Rule; d. We stay out of strife with others, setting an example, and taking the high road; we will let our professionalism and values win our arguments; e. We recognize that rescue groups are struggling, lack knowledge, and professionalism. We are here to help them to aspire to be better, to help reform their actions; and to set an example; f. We treat others with kindness and respect; g. We are a family oriented organization: meaning we don't want to create more proverbial "rescue widows /widowers", breaking up families or burning people out. Rescue can be emotionally draining, and people need to have a healthy home life in order to do a good job at rescue; h. We always operate in a professional manner; i. We are courteous and honorable; we do the right thing; j. We shall subject ourselves to outside auditing to assure we are implementing our best practices and values
6. Moving from a "prison" model of animal care to a "hospital" model of animal care
7. We will reach our objectives through excellence. We will operate more efficiently, and better on all levels

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Dr Sophia Yin's Death
I am sorry to post that Dr. Sophia Yin has passed away. I have followed her work for quite a while and was a quiet fan. Her work was excellent. Her family has asked for some privacy, which is understandable. Like myself, a lot of people must be asking, "Wha...

I'm looking for people who would like to help me establish a full service, open admission, citizen run, No Kill animal shelter in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. We are working on our Business Plan. We want to save 20,000 dogs a year.

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Save Mickey
If you haven't been following the story of Mickey the pit bull , you should. Bottom line: supervise kids and dogs. Now a kid has had his face mauled terribly, and a dog may be killed for being a dog. In my opinion, both the child and the dog are the victims...

An early "Merry Christmas" to all!

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