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This might be a good time to post a message about why I've created this Google+ account. I haven't worked for Microsoft for over 12 years now, so this isn't an official Microsoft account and I don't want anyone to think that it's pretending to be one. On the other hand, I am still passionate about the untapped power of Microsoft Office in general and Microsoft Access in particular. I'm disappointed that Google+ doesn't yet offer some sort of "group" mechanism, so I created this Google+ account to allow us to try to conect to each other in a more efficient manor. If someone sends me a really great Office-related post (and I notice it when I check in every few days), I'd be thrilled to pass it along to the group. (For now, I'd rather have someone who wants to do this every day than to worry about the number of people who share their cat photos with everyone in their circles.)

I'd still like to occasionly do Google+ hangouts among the group and see what happens. If it's a very popular option and I'm not available enough, we can find a way for other people to start the Hangout. (That's another reason for the account name that will probably get this account banned - If you see a message from it or that it's hosting a Hangout, you'll know what it is - I've already lost track of which people on my personal account want to share cat photos and which ones want to share cat recipies, let alone the ones that are interested in tech talk. (I'm not personally interested in either of the cat trends.))

One last thought that also might get this account banned - While it is my hope that we get to share ideas and help each other out for free, I personally think that it's a great thing when something like this leads to a good job for someone and a good employee for anyone else. With that said, please note that I don't know anyone connected to this account in real life and am not vouching for anyone or anything.
Our story on how brands are being wiped clean from Google+ today, apparently as part of the rollout for the new "approved" brand pages in a forthcoming test program.

Who's open to a Hangout sometime this week? It will probably be between 7:00pm and 3:00am, EST. A few related questions: Do you speak English? What languages do you normally speak? (I only speak English and have been surprised by the number of people who follow my account who prefer other languages.) When would be the best time for you for a Hangout?
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