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Is generating watch face apk the same as generating normal wear app? I did everything listed on the developer help page, signed my app with a release keystore, but I still have 2 apks, one for mobile and one for wearable. Is this normal? I thought the wear apk is included in the mobile one? (The mobile one is bigger in size, but it has less assets than the wear one).

How can I take screenshots from the emulator? I have a real phone, and the Android wear app is connected to the emulator. I see there's an option to take screenshot in the app, but it returns a blank png.

I was just wondering if Google has a dedicated store for wearable devices. At the moment, I have to search through the Play Store to find apps for the watch, which gives me many irrelevant results. I know there is a third-party app store out there, but Google has to do something about this.

How is the performance of HTML5 games on Ubuntu Touch? I want to port my game over but I don't have a Nexus device. Is WebGL supported?
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