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Special batch in Class @ NJ, CA & HYD(INDIA)
Dec 6 - Jan 8
We're thrilled to announce our special course for Opt's (MS 2017 & 2018) who are in USA is ready!
In class @ NJ (East coast) and CA(West coast).
All other engineers in INDIA also welcome to attend this special batch in class @ 507, 5th Floor, Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, INDIA.
Episteme's Embedded Systems
Episteme's Embedded Systems
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Ex.Student Feedback.... Trust, review, like and comment us

Ex Student: Hello Sir, How are you
Chenna: Fine, How are you
Ex Student: Am good sir Thank u, what about Episteme sir?
Chenna: fine, going on, It is there, but don't know what to do with that, no one encourage quality in India
Ex Student: Yes sir, Everyone looks for shortcuts to get a job
Ex Student: i am switching from HCL, i got an offer in Aricent Technologies, now serving Notice period, march 8th Joining
Chenna: Aricent is good, Vamsi joined 2 months back
Ex Student: Yes sir.. but am looking for cisco.. am trying, i asked bibhu to refer me.. he said now openings wont be there due to cristmus shutdown and said in jan he will refer
Chenna: oh ok

Ex Student: actually in hcl they put me in Storage networking
Chenna: oh ok

Ex Student: now i am moving back to L2 L3 Development in Aricent
Chenna: ok, cisco will pay good

Ex Student: yes, now i got for 8LPA in Aricent
Chenna: ok

Chenna: is guru in hyderabad

Ex Student: he is in chennai i think, he left HCL, yes he was serving notice period, but not sure if he left or not, yaa, looks like joining in Hyderabad company

Chenna: he got 2 offers
Ex Student: wow
Chenna: one TCS chennai, and one Hyderbad for 9.5Lacks
Ex Student: i am also getting number of calls from TCS congnizant capgemini for interviews but work culture is nor good there like i heared, so not applying for those, everyone is saying Aricent is much better that those company

Chenna: yes
Ex Student: they wont pay much also no job guarantee
Chenna: yes correct

Ex Student: So Aricent will be good to join sir?
Chenna: yes, no doubt in that

Ex Student: it took so many days to get a job before joining to HCL .. but this time Aricent was my first interview got selected, evrything they asked about my Episteme project
Chenna: yaa, Initial break is tough, now you may see 20 years career, what ever I told in Episteme training is correct
Ex Student: yes sir, in Aricent interview they completely asked about RIP and networking stuffs

Chenna: yes, My only problem is how to sell episteme training is question mark ?

Ex Student: hmm
Chenna: no one trust us for quality, every one looks for shortcuts, don't know how to explain

Ex Student: yes thats how engineering colleges taught them.. only shortcuts to clear the semesters not with the actual concept behind that
Chenna: who ever got job with episteme training are enjoying job and life

Ex Student: yes sit.. we are really feeling happy..
Ex Student: we understood where to go.. how to grow in industry..
Ex Student: we actually got the path in episteme
Chenna: ok then catch you later, take care, if there is any thing send me a message
Ex Student: sure sir, Bye
Chenna: Bye
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Exiting Offers From Episteme Soft
Looking at the present market conditions where fresher jobs are less and studying in abroad is difficult, Episteme Soft brings few exiting offers, First batch of 2017 Exciting Offer: Get Embedded Systems@20,000+S.Tax and L2, L3 protocol programming Course@30,000Rs+S.Tax, take two and get RT-Project on TCP.IP Protocols development FREE and also maintain no gaps with experience and salary from day one, Training by 15+ Exp, US returned Cisco Chip designer, Contact for more info:
Episteme Soft Pvt Ltd, 507 Maitrivanam Huda Complex, Hyderabad India - 500 038, Ph: (+91)-040-40267399, 09573400900
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Broadcom and Qualcomm chipmaking companies has been on a shopping spree....
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Looking for MS in USA, GRE , TOFEL & US VISA Be Careful ! Learn to write computer programs
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Model papers for Interviews for companies like Cisco, Global Edge, Smart play, Intel, Sasken, Qualcomm, Broadcom and more......
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1 What is an Embedded System? Give some examples of
embedded system in daily life.
Ans. Embedded System is a system which hides a small computation unit inside. This computer is not general purpose computer like our Desktop PC but a small micro controller or microprocessor. Embedded System is designed to perform specific tasks. Best example of an Embedded System is our mobile phone which includes a processing unit or no. of processing units along with peripherals like keypad/touchpad, touch screen, LCD, Communication modules etc.
There are other examples like Electronic System in washing machine, ATM machine, front panel of Microwave oven, printers, TV, set top boxes, Remote control, Dashboard of a 4-wheeler and many more. If you observe carefully we are surrounded by a no. of embedded system and use them very frequently in our day to day life.

2. What are basic features of an Embedded System?
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Write a program to reverse the digits of a given integer, factorial of a number, sum of digits of a given number and multiplication table ?
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