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What do you like most about #NationalPoetryMonth  ? For me it's the tons of new #poems  that it #inspires  because one of the most powerful functions of modern poetry is that it helps people confront the turmoil in the world & make peace with it at the same time. The title of this one is "Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao":

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It's true that bullet's and missiles were flying all over the place this past weekend but a lot of #Love   made its way around the globe too:

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““This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.” ~ Aberjhani”
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This is what "An Angel for New Orleans" looks like when turned into a video work of art featuring words by one poet, music by another, and video production by a third:

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A wonderful collaboration, I very much enjoyed this one :)
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Have you ever wondered what happened to the book that this Google+ page is named after? That question got asked during this week’s Q&A on Goodreads:

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1 discussion post. Aberjhani said: You did an interview with author Vanessa Richardson 5 years ago where you said you planned to publish a volume of col...
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For some authors, almost everything they write is one kind of poem or another. For some others, the life they live is one endlessly self-composing poem.

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Pinterest seems to have a lot more staying power than some social networks that pop up one year then disappear the very next. 

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Call this case-in-point number 1...
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Have them in circles
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For some people the word #Poetry  is synonymous with the words #air  & #food  but often preferred to either:

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The author of modern poetry classic The River of Winged Dreams, and co-author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, Aberjhani chats with the editors of Poetry Life and Times about his early literary beginnings and new and forthcoming projects.
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I don't know why I tend sometimes to fumble around for weeks after a new poem by me is published but I do. I remain a bit dazzled to see ODE TO THE GOOD BLACK BOOTS THAT SERVED MY SOUL SO WELL in the pages of Poetry Life & Times:

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The modern classic titled "And then the Rain God Screamed for Love" makes its debut in Poetry Life & Time via a spoken word #video  .

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You're invited to a Q&A with author Aberjhani on +Goodreads June 30 - July 3.  Questions regarding the author's various works may be submitted either by joining the group and posting on Goodreads or via +Google Plus. Questions submitted via Google Plus will answered during the Q&A with an acknowledgement of the person submitting it.

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It is much more common these days to find quotes from my book #TheRiverOfWingedDreams  than it is to find quotes or entire poems from I Made My Boy Out of Poetry. When Dublin artist Jaanika Talts went against the trend she inspired some words on what it means to create beauty in a world that insists on engaging war. Included in this post is the full text for "Calligraphy of Intimacy," making its Internet debut. 

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I. ENCOUNTER WITH BEAUTY When viewing a recent untitled painting by Dublin artist Jaanika Talts a strange thought came to me. It was this: Between the elegant reach of an artist’s color-stained...
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...and this would be case-in-point number 2:

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Works in poetry by the co-author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance and author of Journey through the Power of the Rainbow.
A long-time advocate of principles championed by the Academy of American Poets and the PEN American Center/PEN International, Aberjhani's works in poetry have been featured in many venues online and offline, and in digital eBook formats as well as traditional print books and magazines. His four volumes include: I Made My Boy Out of Poetry (1997); Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black (2005); The Bridge of Silver Wings (2008); ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love (2008); and The River of Winged Dreams (an updated version of The Bridge of Silver Wings). A forthcoming single volume of his collected works has been announced but as of November 2011 has not been published.

Aberjhani has won a number of awards for his poetry, including a Savannah Poet and Spoken Word Artist of the Year Award (2006), Best of Publication Awards; and Author of the Year Awards. He was also among those poets listed in 2011 in "The New Black" presented by Best American Poetry.