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Dear internet, given that each year I usually go to Gencon, Dragoncon and at least Canada - I've been considering getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card - good idea, bad idea?

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My dev buddies - I know a guy looking for an Android and/or an iOS/Swift coder.  Obviously for app dev.  Let me know if you're interested in a side gig.

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The president is lost and abducted by ninjas.
Are you a bad enough dude to hack the ninja network and save him?

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NERDS. Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Anime? Do you like that old school videogame called Tie Fighter?

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Funny because it's true!

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I now have something to put on my bucket list.
I'm going to be there for the first ever giant robot battle.

Totally solo'ing migrating all of my department's source code from CVS to Git. Tonight I am a devops time traveler.

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