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Just finished Mockingjay (#3 in The Hunger Games trilogy) and it was good, the last line was killer, but.... I dunno, I wanted something more? Something about the middle-end left me... unsatisfied.
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The last arc of Mockingjay made me want to claw out my eyes and feed them to Suzanne Collins in a mad rage. It's like she got tired, thought, "eh, good enough" and handed it in, and her editor went "well, she's famous now so I can't say anything". Aaaargh. NO.
Yeah, I definitely got the feeling that it wasn't as polished and considered as the first two books. And the last arc felt so rushed and strange (also hated that Fenny died!) But still, I am a sucker for excellent last lines.
I'd be more of a sucker if I bought it, but I didn't. I needed to see what happened in the middle, y'know? To me it sounded way like an unreliable narrator trying to convince herself (and the reader). Ah well.
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