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Well, this may be just about as cyberpunk as you can get.

So I am reading David Wong's Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits right now.

It reminds me very, very, very much of Snow Crash. You know if that is up your alley, and if it is I highly recommend checking it out.

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I absolutely love everything about this webcomic. It's completely adorable, the art style is beautiful, the characters are akward and human and everything about it is amazing. Highly recommend.

I have become convinced that Google is trying to kill Google+.

Huge ugly red bar at the top, randomly switching things around just to aggravate people and removing functionality again. What the hell Google? I want my chat on Google+! That's the primary reason I use it!

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Well.  We can officially say that one of the leading GOP Presidential candidates is a flip flopper on the issue of dildos.  This has been a weird year.

So, partially inspired by Darker than Black, watching Lucifer lately and partially inspired by shitty advantage/disadvantage systems in RPGs and how they tend to every once in a while result in oddly crippled protagonists, I actually had an idea for a setting.

In the setting, all super powers come from the same place.  Including super sciency type stuff and everything.  A being of great mystery and power has agents throughout the world and offers deals for power.  The greater the sacrifice, the greater the level of power.  In RPG system terms, the only way to get points to spend on super powers is to make sacrifice in equal terms.  

Want super strength?  Maybe you have to give up an arm for it.  Already a phenomenal fighter?  Maybe accept a minor issue like an mild addiction or being OCD in return for a minor bit of a power that you can use well.

Obviously you would have the incredibly powerful villain who became a quadriplegic in return for some sort of potent reality manipulation.  

The key differences between this and other super hero settings is that it is 100% intentional.  It is not random, it is not thrust into the hands of those who don't want it - though I imagine there are a fair few who don't actually want it but feel they have to take it.  There is also the angle of what this mysterious being's goals are and why he is doing it - but I likely wouldn't focus on that aspect of it.  I'd prefer the story to focus on the individuals and their choices.  What drove you to choose that particular ability?  What were you willing to sacrifice and why?

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Well, this is interesting.  Netflix has done some really awesome stuff, so I definitely have high hopes.
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