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Becky Pogue
Stay at home mommy and crafter extraordinaire!
Stay at home mommy and crafter extraordinaire!

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Day 23
When Spanish Conquistador Hernando “Corky” Cortez landed in Mexico in 1519, he gave a startling order: “Burn the ships.” Some historians argue that he just didn’t want to pay the docking fees at the marina, but most have come to the conclusion that he was s...

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Day 22
One day, while reaching down to pick up a lucky penny that was resting precariously atop a four-leaf clover, I spotted a shooting star blazing across the sky. So I made a wish… I wish that foods that do our bodies little good…fat, sugar and salt…didn’t have...

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Day 21
I'm liking this Advocare 24 day challenge. I'm getting results and I'm not being judged for things that I say while I'm taking part in it. Unlike some other "big name" support systems out there, Advocare hasn't sent me home for saying things like: “Have y...

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Day 20
My wife didn't think my original day 20 post was a good one (it gets hard to think of this stuff and after 20 days, they can't be all winners).  So here is my second attempt at this.   I know how this thing goes: good habits become sorta good habits become ...

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Day 19
If Disney made weight loss videos: • The Not-So-Little Mermaid

 • Booty is The Beast

 • The Lighter King • 

Hungr-E • Snow Whitesneakers and the Seven-K Run

 • Car(b)s

 • Fatladin

 • Slimming Booty

 • 101 Affirmations • 


 • No-Long...

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Day 18
I knew it was time to start the Advocare 24 Day Challenge when: There was more than a dozen empty wine bottles and/or used-up whipped cream canisters in the weekly recyclable bin. My sweatpants no longer fit. When I recently reinstituted “Fry-Daddy Friday” ...

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Day 17
I'm  trying to wrap my head around this issue, and that is hard to do because bone doesn't wrap to well around something, especially around something that is not tangible. It has been seven days since I weighed and measured myself and I'm pleased to announc...

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Day 16
This getting into shape business is getting expensive.  They say losing weight saves you money because you don't get sick or injured as much, you eat less, and all the other cliché things they say.  Well getting into shape costs money.  First major cost is ...

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Day 15
Every now and again, I hear a story of someone who’s dealing with a massive amount of credit card debt.  It’s always amazed me how folks can get so in-over-their-heads, just making minimum payments and getting absolutely hammered with high interest rates. T...

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Day 14
Quick hitters to post or tweet: “Still on the lookout for Sugar-Free Pixie Stix.” “I think I’m having hunger labor pains.” “Carrot cake counts as a vegetable, right?” “Reminder: not every fat lady is pregnant.” “I could sure go for some empty calories right...
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