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'Not the job of news media to support government, but to represent public'

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Not bad ... free web hosting at an eco-accredited service, in Germany. No ads ... might be worth looking at for small start ups looking to get started online.

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France has joined the growing list of nations who do not think there is any worth in long range radio broadcasting. And why that could be a fatal disaster for its citizens in French Polynesia

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Why the decision to cut back radio shortwave services to the region is a disaster - for disaster prevention, relief and recovery.

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Headline: Crisis concerns lower than 2004

Intro: Searches online for "crisis" peaked in 2008.

Now interest in searches for crisis is lower than in 2004, dropping from a high just over 50%, to around 25% today.

Interest in "crises", by comparison, appears flatlined from then until now.

There is exploding interest in #disruption  and, less joyously, #complexity . Yet it would seem crisis aspects of disruption are unreliably informed. And the absence of significant interest peaks for crises indicates a lack of engagement on complexity.

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Globalisation has left journalism
and the Fourth Estate behind.

There are now few checks or
balances on the first, second
and third estates - parliaments,
governments, and judiciaries.

All four suffer 'state capture' by
market-friendly corporations
who pay campaign bills for
our elected representatives.

FEW, Fourth Estate World, is
therefore aimed at raising
debate about "market failure"
and how globalisation can be
used to create funding for
global journalism.

Picture: Atenisi Institute founder Futa Helu raised questions about news media in the world's largest region, the Pacific, as far back as the 1980s. 

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What its like to live in Samoa
. . . Samoa recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and people are still asking questions about life in the cradle of Polynesia.  Jason Brown Editor, Avaiki Nius Agency What is it like to live in Samoa? An answer to that question, sent to me by someone at ...

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Still no inquiry action into decades of death
Lack of information: Taiene Takitaki is one of thousands of Cook Islanders to have a relative die a sudden and unexplained death at Rarotonga Hospital. A 2003 promise from the coroner to investigate all such deaths has never been upheld.  screengrab / www.c...

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