Häkkinen vs. Schumacher : The Greatest Overtaking In +Formula 1
Agree Or Not??

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Fantástico!!!!, todavía recuerdo esa carrera.
I saw this maneuver live on that very day...and then I knew that this would make history.
It is the greatest overtaking indeed.
the in car footage footage from the back marker is comical. Suddenly he gets blown away on either side.
Yeah defiantly this was the best overtake ever. Schumacher has said that off all of the drivers he has ever driven against Hakkinen is best. Thats quite something if you think about who he has raced against. Including, Senna, Prost, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Hamilton.
It was an incredible pass, but there have been many, so hard to say that is the best.

Personally, my favorite (not in F1) was Zanardi passing in the corkscrew chicane at Laguna Seca.
+Sweetengland Not only that Schumacher has said that Mikka was his best opponent but the level of respect these guys give each other is still not seen anywhere these days.
I remember this pass watching it live in the early am here in the US and waking up the rest of the house still asleep. Hard to say any pass is The Greatest, but this one is certainly in the group at the top of the list.
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