#F1 Rosberg was cleared by race stewards who investigated two incidents in which he appeared to push Alonso and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton off the track. Hamilton did not comment on his incident with Rosberg, which happened on lap 10. The 2008 world champion pulled to the inside of Rosberg out of Turn Three, and Rosberg defended by moving towards him, right over to the white line that demarcates the edge of the track. Hamilton kept coming and managed to overtake Rosberg. The incident with Alonso was almost identical, but happened on lap 24. The Spaniard did not manage to pass the Mercedes.
Ferrari's Fernando Alonso criticised what he considered dangerous driving by Mercedes' Nico Rosberg in their battle during the Bahrain Grand Prix.
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That was a lovely move by Hamilton. It was funny when Rosberg complain about being overtaken by hamilton who was off the track, if I was Rosberg I would of held my head in shame!!!
Not a surprising result. Emanuele Pirro was a rubbish F1 driver and his Le Mans success came from being carried by his vastly superior teammates. Couple that with the obvious dislike of Hamilton by the stewards and their embarrassing lack of decisiveness during the race and it was inevitable.
How +Nico Rosberg avoided a penalty is beyond me in this case. Not once, but TWICE he dangerously pushed two drivers off the track. As Alonso very well put it on BBC yesterday; what if there wasn't run off, but a wall at that part of the track.

Was happy for Nico last week, can't say I really feel the same about him anymore. That is just bush league driving at its best.
Same one you were +Sean Damés. If you can't admit that what Nico did was VERY similar to what Schumi did to Reubens at Hungary in 2010 (minus the pit lane wall of course) then you need to rewatch that race.

I see your first post on this topic, so I'm assuming you're a Merc fan so I understand if you have silver blinders on of course.
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Personally, I am very glad no one was penalized. Nico and Hamilton are both aggressive drivers and they put on a fantastic show of their skill behind the wheel. It's Formula 1 racing folks; I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh and way to go Vettel & Kimi!
wise words Tery t, the rules and the car is already 90%, let the drivers to put their 10% skills
ps. as Grosjean (maximum respect) that passed with disarming facilitates the usual super big ! )
+Sean Damés agreed with you on Hamilton, disagree on Alonso. I think he has grown up quite a bit since his days at Renault.
For Rosberg, we must differentiate between "aggressive" and "Bold or Suicide" ...
The action made it 2 times against Hamilton, and again with Alonso, so can not say that he saw them, or only defended the position ... not to mention your last grace, stopping his car in the middle of the track, right in front of goal, with 3 cars following him very closely ...
If Lewis or Fernando had done this same, the fines would be really strict ...
Alonso is just sour because he didn't have the balls to pass on the dirt like Hamilton.
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