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Nice, and better than the other 2 I saw here in your posts...
I can't see it ever happening - there would have to be so many rule changes it would become infeasible. Think about ELMS and ALMS rules governing closed versus open cockpit cars, the air conditioning requirement, the aero trade-off restrictions... Hell, they might as well allow diesels to start competing in F1 as well!
Ferrari should hire whoever designed this car immediately :-)
Leave the cockpit open though, it's Formula 1, should always be an open cockpit series. FIA should demand simpler wings like these too, cars look much nicer.
If I recall correctly, the FIA has conducted some testing on closed cockpit canopies. They included an F-16 canopy in the test.
Diesel? YES, but not with a clear advantage like in lemans, for example,...
Looks good and nice concept. I stand to be corrected, but this may probably be the tightest cockpit in the history of cockpits.
Very beautiful. Silly question to ask but how do you get in lol? Assume the cockpit is lowered on once the driver is in the car. They would have to rethink that 15 seconds in or out of a F1 car rule for drivers!
+Ignasi Marcos, the FIA is doing its best to diminish that advantage, but diesel does seem to still have the edge in LMS. Shame +Peugeot dropped out, as LMP1 is now just an +Audi Racing show.
Slap some turn signals on that bad boy and I'll drive it to work every day!
Looks like some video game racing car.... Need some rocketlauncher or plasma gun and it'll perfect :-D
Если честно, но это уже больше истрибитель получается а не авто..
It will happen...it's all about safety
+David Dupea, surely it's safer to be able to get out of the car quickly, rather than being trapped under a canopy?
Depends...it's safer not to get smashed in the head with a tire...There are pro's and con's for both I suppose
why does it have to be a ferrari?
Ask Felipe Massa about having some sort of closed cockpit.
Arghh! We want to turn back 10 years ago, we don't want to see future of Formula 1 :)
partially run by ferrari then
Если введут закрытый кокпит,все болиды Ф1 будут так же элегантно и агрессивно выглядеть???
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