+Google Doodle For Ayrton Senna's Birthday (March 21)

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Ayrton, you still inspire me 20 years on!
Senna - surely the most arrogant and dangerous driver to ever turn a wheel in F1!
It's not a point of view I hold myself +Esteban C but it is a valid criticism of Ayrton's driving, and there were a lot of people at the time who felt the same as +Nick James It's only because he died that this criticism stopped. 
I respect criticism, +Mike Bye , but the comment I replied to did actually sound disrespectful. No one told me what Ayrton did on track. I watched him drive in the 80's. I don't think he was more dangerous than any other driver. Maybe it's because Ayrton was a lot faster than the rest, and he was lapping them all the time, some people may think it's dangerous. But he's not to blame for driving quick. And about being arrogant... well... pure bullshit.
No one not even his detractors dismiss his skill, It was his tendency to run others off the track that some felt was arrogant and dangerous. There's even the famous interview where Jackie Stewart accuses him of just such things. 
Yes, I've seen that interview and Ayrton gave Jackie his point of view. I also saw when he jumped out of the car on track to help Comas while other drivers passed by. That does not sound like an arrogant attitude to me.
Actually Alain accused him of being dangerous too, even going so far as to accuse Ayrton of trying to kill him. +Roger Carvalho 
As I said though this isn't a point of view I hold I was merely pointing out that it was a valid criticism, to try and keep things friendly. 
No one can argue that Senna wasn't arrogant! :-/
Let's remember that every driver has a certain amount of arrogance, they have to have self belief to get where they are but arrogance has little to do with actual skill.
Anyone can say their the best, weather they are or not is a totally different matter.
Senna was a great driver. Senna was a hero. Senna did a lot to help others less fortunate than himself. Senna at times could be a total arse, and if he was alive I'd still be typing this or quite happily say it to his face.
I was/am a massive Mansell fan and whilst I admire his skills behind the wheel, he too could be a massive arse at times.
I am an adequate driver. I too can be very arrogant especially behind the wheel and a massive arse at times :-) job done :-)
Maybe the most attractive doodle I've seen...
Great. Akoma dhe sot i paarritshem.
Plenty of drivers who actually raced against him have said the same thing. He was arrogant on track and a bully. Brundle said that he would come past you and it was up to you to get out of the way or you would have an accident. I'm sorry, but that is NOT skill, it's arrogance and bully boy tactics plain and simple. If he was driving today, he would be banned. 
The famous interview with Stewart also points out what an arrogant driver he was. His famous quote 'If you don't go for a gap you are no longer a racing driver' is just pure idiocy, as pointed out by Stewart. Even punch drunk boxers know you have to pick your moment. Senna was skillful, no doubt, but a more arrogant and dangerous driver in F1 there has never been. 
+Nick James your comments totally make YOU arrogant and inconsiderate, today is a celebration of a mans life as whole, not just what he did on the track. Senna is my hero and always will be, if you don't like him as a person or what he did on the track keep it to yourself and go read more interviews on Jackie. No need to reply, really don't care what you have to say. 
I thought you had to have a certain level of arrogance to drive F1 (every driver mentioned had it). They are a lot like boxers... If you are going to drive the fastest cars, or be hit in the head by the strongest, you have to believe you're the best or you don't win... Ask Ali
+Edin Telarevic don't get all butt hurt over the truth their Ed. Never mentioned anything about him away from the track. By all accounts he was generous and philanthropic. Still, mention Senna and people remember the racing driver, not much else. So don't cry about it. 
To all the #Ayrton haters... “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  GREAT talent, which Ayrton Senna personified, will always evoke the fear of not being enough in the masses & that is fine... it detracts nothing from the skill he embodied!!  I will not stoop to go & find your names that will just make you think that I am trying to convince you of something you are incapable of seeing!!  Ayrton's Legend has stood the test of time without you & will Live on in spite of you... Ayrton, we salute you for the Legacy you have left us!!
+Edin Telarevic why exactly am I embarrassing myself?  Senna was an arrogant bully on track - this is a fact backed up by guys who actually raced against him, not just an opinion of butt hurt fanboys like you.  No one ever said he wasn't talented, but one thing is for sure - he's only the 'legend' he is today because he died on track.  If he was still alive today, he wouldn't be half the 'legend' people perceive him to be now.
I think more than anything the man personifies that something special.. I don't want to get into who's more talented, it's just not about that.. it's about that drive within you to excel, Senna is an inspiration.. My favorite race is when he had complete a few laps in fifth gear at the Brazilian grand Prix.. that for me was like sensational control.. an amazing person.. We miss him
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