One of the latest chats between Vettel and Schumi :D
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I'd love to see Schumi take it Red Bull, Vettel is a great driver but he's really been mostly unchallenged. Seeing an old dog like Schumi go at him, that'd be epic! GO GERMANY!! :)
It's usually hard not to favour a driver that wins you titles against one that barely manages to get one win and a couple of podiums with the same car. Go Michael, Go Seb!
I hate team orders. All races should be about who is the BEST that day. And championships should be earned not handed to drivers.
The Ferrari team orders crap was bull, Alonso was faster, I don't see why it's such a big damn deal to let him past when you KNOW that. Racing is racing, if your faster, your faster let it happen
Well, then Charles Roberts you should hate MacLaren because I've seen Button and Hamilton really race each other only once - Canada 2012. Otherwise, team orders are above everything.
+Michael Theis because it is Ferrari. Some F1 fans will never get over 2000-2004. And now they hate Vettel for the same reason - not because of the team atmosphere in Red Bull but because we saw glimpses of the same domination last year.
As much as I love F1, I know team orders are part of the deal but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Give me competitive not orders.
F1 is a team sport, you are not out there by yourself. Otherwise, we'd better have only one driver per team. And I don't think Webber will be Red Bull's one driver.
I've always stood by my statement that it has usually taken Schuey 2 years to build up a team and car to his liking. It looks like the car he needs has started to materialize. I'd be willing to bet if he has a good season this year he will be back next year. Come on Mercedes!! Get Michael another championship!
It happens because MS just gradually convinces mechanics and engineers from his old team to join his new team (Benetton--->Ferrari--->Mercedes). There was a joke that after coming back to F1 in 2000, Briatore accidentally stumbled into the Ferrari garage and just said "Boys what are you all doing here with red overalls?" (since a lot of them were previously working for Flavio). I think that even if Michael's days as drivers are counted, he can become a very good team principle. He certainly knows how to spot and motivate talent.
MS is not only a fantastic driver, he also brings with him the entire eco-system of formula1 racing.
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