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Body Wars
We are not going to get anywhere if we
fight amongst each other. Girls are often labelled a lot of negative names and
they always have been. There is still the issue of double standards for girls
who can’t act like boys without being criticized or labelled....

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I am off to University this month and I am super
excited and I feel so ready. I have always wanted to go to University and now
the time has arrived to go there are many things I am thinking about. I do miss
school. I am lucky to have had good experience at ...

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Make-up and school
WARNING: This blog may contain a lot of rambling and waffling on and on. MAKE-UP IS SO CONFUSING! At the moment I just can't seem to get the hang of picking the right shades and how to use certain products and what will suit me. It is a bit scary but I need...

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A Confuzzled Student?
I, unlike my older siblings and cousins, was very indecisive when it came to choosing my career and what not. They all knew what they wanted to do in the future by the age of 16 however I still did not know what I wanted to study by the age of 18. It is sli...

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I have completed all my A Level exams and now I have officially finished school! This is maddening but I am exhausted so in many ways I am glad that it is over. However I know I will miss it. Currently I am just resting but this means from now on I have not...
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