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SpaceX Stuck. The. LANDING!!!!!!!

I have been looking into both OpenSCAD and OpenJSCad as an alternative to Inventor. I love the power of OpenJSCad and the low-level access to the CSG generated objects I have seen in the examples! You cannot get that kind of access to the resultant solid models with OpenSCAD.

With that said, I find that the preview/editor site is a bit too toy-like for me. Everything covers up the model I am trying to discern. In contrast, the latest version of the OpenSCAD editor seems more polished and useable.

Is there a simple script to embed an OpenJSCad file renderer in a simple web page? How about a parameters list that sits below the render instead of on top of it? It would be nice to just have a preview view of the file I am working on without the editor, buttons, sidebar. It would also be nice to change the platter grid size for larger models with a few parameters in the html DOM object. Yes, I know that I can generate an STL file from the command line, then bring up the STL in a viewer. However that is a complex workflow when there is obviously a javascript renderer in there somewhere.
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