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Aly Greaves Amidei
Fear is the mind killer.
Fear is the mind killer.

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Poppin' Tags: Up-cycling Your Tiny Couture! Use Thrift Store Finds for Doll and Human Projects! Part One
Fabric ain't cheap y'all.  Even though you don't need a whole lot to make Babs a new gown...I half a yard of silk is going to set you back at around $10 bucks at most fabric stores (assuming you are lucky to live near a store that carries silk) you s...

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New Custom Jem & Misfits Fashions on my Etsy Store!
I churned through a bunch of outfits this weekend and got the photos uploaded.  Check them out!

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My first custom Blythe...Rosie Gold
Well I did it.  I did some sculpting on the face using an exacto and a battery sander/dremel type tool...mostly in the lip and nose region.  I did some festive eyelids and altered her so that she has sleep eyes. I did fairly simple face shading and added so...

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2017 Integrity W Club Details Revealed
Well, the best laid plans...I had high hopes of being strong and resisting.  But I just caved and ordered them all.  I don't even like most of them. Oye.  Clearly it is some sort of illness.  I can't be trusted.  More thoughts below... The Basic Info from t...

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Farewell 2016- A Genuine Molded Plastic Round Up.
Well. 2016 was not my favorite year. A lot of that was politics related. I finished my first year of my new job (which is great) but we are still not wild about Charlotte or the state of North Carolina. As is often the case when one is not completely happy,...

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Down the Blythe Rabbit Hole...
A couple of years ago I bought Nikki Lad Blythe.  She was an adorable tom boy doll.  Then I was getting I sold a TON of stuff so that we wouldn't be one of those idiot couples that end up in a bunch a debt from their wedding (no I would rather ...

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W Club Exclusive Bon Bon Poppy- First Taste of Champagne!
Well, my wallet is very pleased that I have no interest in getting her. People seem really pleased with her though.  We don't get a lot of redheads and everyone is rejoicing that she is not in black. I am currently at critical mass with my Poppy girls at th...

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Old Jem Dolls with "Bonus Edition" Outfits
Item # 14031A PHILLIS "PIZZAZZ" GABOR Dressed Doll / Bonus "At The Awards" Dress The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection Approximate Ship Date: In-stock Bonus Edition Size: 175 Dolls Only Suggested Retail Price: $119.00 The original "bad girl" of the JEM AND ...

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Reckless 2016 Nu Face Doll Capsule Collection! Swoon!
A Clueless inspired collection designed by Jessy Ayala was hinted at by David Buttry at the Supermodel Convention.  We were told it was amazing.  I am pretty pleased with the results.  Finally we are back to an edgy YOUTHFUL runway look for the Nu Face Mode...

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The Industry-You Better Werk! Tulabelle is Adorbs and Wants all your Dynamite Girls Stuff...
I really had no intention of collecting the Industry line but I could not resist the cuteness of the You Better Werk! Tulabelle Industry Gift Set from the 2016 Supermodel IT Convention.  There seems to be little to no buzz about this girl. I don't get it.  ...
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