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I do believe a guitar is an instrument, a tool, it's the music it produces that matters and lingers. Having said that, these really are beautiful axes. 

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No words... 
You Won't Believe this Bass Player's Craigslist Post!
This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

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Suspect that, if you are a member of this community, you will have seem the announcement by Nissan and others of a plan for a network of rapid chargers.

Just a quick post to speculate on the proposed location. There are a lot of clues in the announcement and I've managed to connect the dots to come up with some fairly convincing routes.

Firstly, the announcement gives a list of cities to be linked (I won't list them). Secondly, states that the routes will consist of two main arteries. Lastly that the distance covered is around 1,100km (abt 680 miles).

From these it's actually quite straightforward. The routes look like:

1) from Holyhead to Hull - firstly along the A55 then into Liverpool and then all the way along the M62 to Hull. Total distance about 220 miles.

2) from Stranraer to Felixstowe - A75 to Carlisle then all the way along the M6, past Birmingham, and on to the A14 to Felixstowe. Distance of 460 miles.

Any thoughts if these are the routes? For me, the M5 is an omission. Not sure how well served the M1 route is at the moment. 

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I'm finding myself very tempted to take on a project to build a telecaster from parts.

From a quick look, the tele seems to be a fairly simple guitar to take on and there are certainly plenty of parts to by had. Not really about the money, as I'm sure may will point out, the "finished" plank is likely a load of old rubbish as a first attempt. I'd probably be better off buying a cheap squire.

Anyhoo, anyone have any experience, advice, links to blogs/guides/vids they've found useful. All comments welcome.

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