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I did some quick math using modern day redwood trees as a base. A mile high tree would have a trunk that is approx 200ft wide and a circumference of just over 600 feet.

Trying to wrap my mind around what a village in a jungle of those would look like.

Cave the inside out for a skyscraper.
Huts on the side/ rope bridges.
At ground level.
At ground level in a hollowed out tree.
What does the vertical ecosystem look like?

No real point to the post, just musing.
What will your mile high hothouse jungle hold?

Greetings all,

Awhile back a read a blog post detailing a campaign start/ sandbox using the forthcoming adventures. The author had dissected the adventures and organized the npcs, location of the individual adventures and the and surrounding area.

If this sounds familiar, can you please post a link. I can't seem to find the page.

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I wonder how many I killed to earn this?

+Daniel Bishop +Crawljammer Zine +Tim Callahan

Out of the woods and into SPACE!!

January 7 notes:

Characters: Slate, Toombs, Skipper, Dulinger, Lazarus, Rattlesnake, the Genius, Eberard, Dane Brod, Ssrak, and Teodor.

Outside the final witch cave, all threats terminated. Lazarus, on piecing together Dulinger's dark past, murders him in cold blood before the mouth of the cave. Teodor, a recent convert to Dulionger's faith, and not too well liked himself, flees into the woods. Ssrak, Teodor's master, let's the mutant get a fair distance away and fires a couple shots from his lazer rifle. Teodor detonates and kills everything within a 100 foot radius. Toombs and Eberard, on the edge of the blast, are knocked out, but resuscitated (Eberard gains a level for the sacrifice of two characters). Forest fire from Teodor's explodsion starts to spread.

What appears to be a a space whale drops out of the sky. The party watches it come in and crash nearby. Ssrak leads the party toward the crash site, where they eventually discover that the whale is a space ship - Lots of thoughts detected by Toombs and Ssrak, the illithids. All slowly approach a hole ripped in the side of the ship. Dane leaps up into the hole with his rope, and helps the party climb up. The room behind the tear is a large gray room, with the norther wall also ripped open to expose the room beyond. Pipes and wires are exposed, leaking and sparking, some oozing, lights flickering. Styled similarly to Ssrak's rifle. Room through the further teear has a sticky green goo on the walls. Advancing through the blown out hole in the north wall. The goo turns out to be acidic. Gravity in this room is reversed somehow, and there is a body on the "floor" of the room. The body is a humanoid lobsterman, with red skin and a gray jumpsuit. Lazarus destroys a light to tie off his rope. That done, Ssrak investigates the body, and eats the brain.The body has endured a lot of blunt force trauma, brain reveals that a monster tore through the hull and the bulkheads. Another hole leads off in the upside down room.

Dane, back in the right-side-up room, attempts to pry open a door with his crowbar, manages to force a control panel that opens the door, and several other doors at the same time. Two eight-foot tall lobsterman crew, dressed like the body in the reverse gravity room, emerge, joined together by a golden chain. Together they roar a challenge to Dane. Ssrak tries to scare the crew with images of the beast attack that appears to have downed the ship, and appears only to psych up the two red berserkers. Dane throws his crowbar at one, and hits his target between the eyes. Lazarus, Eberard, the Genius and Rattlesnake all ready themselves. Eberard attacks, and misses as the lobstermen charge. They try to take Eberard's head off with the chain, but only do normal damage. Slate Commands one lobsterman to grovel, and Skipper does for the other with the same Command. Toombs eats a brain for intel - the two were pit fighters captured and sold, who don't know where they were headed, and who like to fight for fun. Ssrak eats the other's brain to gain the same impressions.

There is a door at the end of this hallway, and Ssrak approaches to knock, having sensed intelligent thoughts beyond. The door opens while it's arm's up, trying to knock. There is an explosion, and Ssrak thinks its been shot, reflexively mind blasts and jumps aside from the doorway. Lazarus fires his pistol into the room, scoring a hit on a lobsterman beyond, and filling the allway with smoke. Skipper and Slate heal Ssrak. Toombs mind blasts the room and drops another of the lobstermen.Rattlesnake transforms two of the crew into furniture, chair and feather duster. Various crew killed and burned in the room, which appears to be the helm. The apparent captain has his lobster throat cut. The room in filled with control panels of metal rods and translucent gems. Captain's brain reveals that the explosion was a surprise to the Captain and bridge crew, seems to indicate that a prisoner uprising was in progress.Toombs eats a brain to see if it can figure out how to pilot the ships, and discovers that the ship is powered by spells. Skipper loses Command for the day, but the essential functions of the ship power up.The Genius figures out the controls, and the ships takes off and rises into the sky.

The Genius flies up, fast, trying to kill non-party in the crew by slamming them around in the parts of the ship that haven't been searched. After a barrel roll, the ship loses power and begins falling toward the ground until Skipper touches the power console and channels his use of Banish for the day into it. The Genius is able to pull up 100 feet from the ground. The party sets a course for the Cloud City, but after not being able to find it heads back to the castle to turn in the princess heads for their reward.

Slate, Dane, Ssrak and Rattlesnake head out as the "away team" to search the ship. Ssrak heard a telepathic message from an intelligence that it was locked in its stateroom. There is barking from one room, which Ssrak doesn't want to open. Dane opens the door, and a naked pink human jumps on Dane and bites his neck. Ssrak tries to strike with his sword but misses. More bites on Dane, who literally rips the biter apart with his bear claws, after the attacker is paralyzed by Slate. Body turns out to be that of Paxton, a long-lost party member. Not rezzed. Away team goes downstairs, and back up towards the front of the ship where thoughts were detectable. Calm, chittering thoughts in one room draws Dane, who opens a door. Everyone but Ssrak is knocked out and blinded by hundreds of tiny, colorful arrows fired by a similarly colorful beetle. Ssrak reaches over the piled bodies of the away team to shut the door.The beetle tries to entice the party into reopening the door, but we resisted. Another cultured mental voice says he's the former captain of the "Acadian." Ssrak informs the voice that it's the captain now. Dane opens the door after being tricked, and a blue skinned lizard emerges to demand what the away team is doing. Ssrak immediately mind blasts, and Rattlesnake puts the lizardman, Maxxazzon to sleep. The lizardman is hogtied for interrogation. Last room remain unopened, as whatever is inside is slamming around hard enough to rattle the door.. Toward the rear of the ship a cold room loaded with tins of hat appears to be food. Color-coded doors off of the wings that are filled with bunks beds. Ballistae on platforms on the wings, along with rigging for sails. Workshop in back with tools for lobster claws, door in back to a sparking engine room. There is a hatchin the floor and ceiling that lead through rings of blue electrical energy that halt the psychic capabilities of Ssrak. Staterooms on the other opposite wing from the hot bunks, there is an alien pistol and a gold uniform, which Ssrak puts on over his armor.

Approaching the castle, the ship prepares to dock. Dane on a ballista, with Toombs and Ssrak broadcasting telepathically who they are and what they're there for. A goo lurker drops off the ceiling in the control room onto the Genius, killing him out at the controls. The ship lurches towards the castle. Toombs mind blasts the goo to no effect, and mentally alerts the rest of hte crew. Eberard strikes with his baton. Lazarus throws the Genius out of his seat, carefully scans the Genius' notes on how to fly the craft and tries to pull he ship out of its dive into the castle. The ship, rechristed the Murder-Hobo Ship (MHS) Grovel, skips off the top of the castle's tower, sending debris into the castle courtyard packed with people. There are definitely casualties, up to and including the King and his daughter. The goo disappears, but Eberard strikes the Genius' body with his baton again to make sure the goo is really gone. Lazarus levels off. Slate runs in and last minute heals the Genius. Lazarus overcorrects while landing, and the ship crashlands at the same place it crashed the first time. The crew takes damage. The genius gets the ship back in the air, flies slow and steady toward the castle. Top 30 feet of the tallest tower have fallen into the courtyard and killed many. It's chaos on the ground. Passes of the ships are too fast for effective communication with the ground. The heads of the witches are tossed overboard with another garbled apology, and the MHS Grovel bails out of the local area. Quest complete.

Cruising towards space. Away team figuring out the ship functions. Lazarus repairs the engine room. Dane does a spacewalk and tries to close some of the damage to the hull. Ssrak is captain, Toombs is XO, the Genius is Lieutenant, Lazarus is the Bosun. Dane and Eberard are weapons officers. Slate is the ship's counselor and sail operator.

Search the remaining rooms, find dead prisoners, a ruined armory, a storage locker and another closet behind that filled with bodies that come alive and attack the away team until Slate turns and destroys them. - End of session.

Just received the lankhmar project update #40. It indicated that the PDF was previously released to backers. I don't have the PDF on my backerkit download page.

Does anyone know if the lankhmar core book PDF was released to backers? Or am I misreading the email.

Something I'm trying out today. New curse, curse of the luck eater. Using the fleeting luck mechanic, all tokens normally used are replaced with Oreo cookies or Halloween candy....

What do you get when you place the creeping beauties just inside the forest of forgotten memories? +Daniel Bishop +Mike Evans

I give a d4 Xp for in character session recaps. I really should organize them into a chronicle.

The night was cold and brisk, soft voices could be heard in the pitch of black. I awoke to a strange owl speaking to my companion, Instinct and cunning craze gripped the heft of my bow as I took aim at a feast of a bird. My Stomach growling like a hungry winter wolf, I let loose of the missile to strike it dead. After breasting the plump white meat of the huge owl we moved into a strange town.
It was evening and there were many races and creatures of wondrous colors sizes and shapes. Some even had wings, some hooves, and some seemed to float with their tiny bodies dangling in the air. It was a Fey village. The kind that only appears like a mirage as the sun sets and night creeps in.

I was looking for a bow, nothing famous just a bow that would a-bade blows, perhaps a shielded bow, if one ever exists. I neared the market to find a Boyer and a tiny blue sprite asked me to hold this little tiny bow. It looked like a chides toy and as I drew it back and let loose an arrow it barley went the length of a man and and dropped to the earth. I did not buy the toy but later found out it was a "revered" by some of the Fey folk. Perhaps an artifact even? I looked for the tiny sprite for what seemed hours to perhaps purchase this child's bow that many were in awe that I actually handled it. One tinker even asked for my hands. As the trek passed on I found my companions at a Fey novelty shop. One of them was rolling dice called the dice of fate. It was a fun game, one that could slay you eternally, cause you to fight horrendous monsters for fame and glorious prizes or simply wisp you away int the nothing of the void. I decided to take my turn. At first glance I felt my worst fear curl inside my now knotted gut. As I turned, out of the corner of my eye I could see the ferocious beast whizzing through the air with sharp gnawing gashing teeth. The dreaded white rabbit was upon me. Blow after blow my sword fell short of the flashing white beast. I had numerous bites and scratches that went clean through my bone. Bits and pieces of my flesh dangling from my now ruin chain armor with holes as big as sparrows littering my torso. Finally the gods be blessed my blow landed on the furry white beast and I was uplifted in my spirits. Only then my second roll of the fate dice took my right arm clean off at the shoulder leaving me a nub. But... I was alive. My other rolls were of little notable consequence, a few hundred gold pieces that seemed to vanish. Nothing of extreme importance. However I did manage to take on an offer the tinker had previously gave me. One that I could pay half for my shield bow. My right arm that held the child's bow would suffice. He crafted me a steam driven arm to replace my old one and built the bow for my other arm in exchange of gloving my skin from my remaining hand. It seemed like a logical price and since no pain would be involved I agreed. But IT DID HURT!
The thieving bastard lied to me and in my excitable anguish and exhausting excruciating pain I left the tinker. Little did I know he had taken my ring along with my skin and arms. The Fey town disappeared with the new sunrise. My cleric healed me as best as he could but my mind flashed with visions of torturous revenge to be exacted on the Fey. So horrific that the Fey will tell their future children of the steam armed man who tore the tinker limb from limb with his own pair of pliers. One to cause the whole Fey world nightmares and... Damn these arms feel strong!

+Daniel Bishop Hi, Any idea if/when you may be finishing up/publishing FT 4 and FT 5?

Having a blast playing through FT 0 and FT 1 now.

Will TPK Tissues be available through GG web Store?

Anyone know?

One more session and my players should be out of a Hubrisfied Excape from the shrouded fen. Spent the last two sessions exploring the setting with them as they craft their back stories.

I am loving this setting and can't wait to see which way they choose to go.
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