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Bethany Corcoran

Tomorrow: 3 and a half hours of work in the morning, shopping (first time in a long time!) and flat hunting. Sounds good!

Can this week be over already please?

Normally it takes me about 75 minutes to get to work. Today it took me 45 minutes. Rush hour sucks!

Travel in to work on a day off, realise you've left your wrist supports at home. #winning

Heading into the office on a day off to do a loa of work. Sucks! At least overtime pay rocks.

I just want to sleep. Stupid head, stop thinking and sleep! :(

Holy crap I just remembered I've got cake. Today is looking up!

People: UK/London estate agents. Any recommendations of good ones?

Oh my god. My flatmate is playing Rule Britannia. I'm a republican, get me out of here!

Fuuuucking hell. I certainly never worked at 4am at Apple, restarting a Linux mail server via terminal via a computer in Hong Kong. Phew!
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