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Moving from the Nokia 808 Pureview to the BlackBerry Q10

I know I don’t participate much over here but I thought I had something to share which might be interesting.

It has to be stated at the outset that I am not big on apps or social media and that my primary fascination for smartphones has always been as a “converged communication device” as opposed to a “mobile infotainment solution”.

That being said, here are some of my observations and experiences moving from a Nokia 808 (after 27 months of using it as my main device) to a BlackBerry Q10 since January 2015. I have also been using a Nexus 5 regularly, a Lumia 820 occasionally and an iPad mini less frequently, so I am not oblivious to a modern smartphone OS.

 - Fast and responsive enough, as long as you stick to native BlackBerry functionality and applications. A Nexus 5 would still faster overall.
 - Premium design and the device feels genuinely great in the hand.
 - For those who are concerned about granting too many permissions to an app, BB10 allows you to selectively permit an app to do only certain things. The app will still install and function but will not be able to do everything it can. But you can always go in to settings and change the permissions later on. 
 - Good multitasking. Minimized “active frames” can show live updates, reminding me of Windows Phone live tiles. Videos can continue to play in the background, reminding me of my old Nokia N900.
 - The BB10 Hub is really functional and after using it for over a month, I have grown to depend on it to get through all my communication without having to switch between multiple applications for email, texts, whatsapp, etc. This is much more productive than any of the other notification systems. 
 - There is a built-n “reader mode” in the browser that makes it very easy to read all the news/blogs/etc. My most used feature after the Hub. 
 - The physical qwerty keyboard allows you to assign and use shortcuts which is far quicker than finding and choosing a contact on a touchscreen.
 - Unlike my 808 which would start and play music automatically whenever it pairs with my car, the Q10 will automatically start playing whatever I was last using (podcast/music/video/etc) 
 - Built in functionality for desktop sync, dropbox, etc. All my files are seamlessly available from my computer and phone (both ways, without wires) and I don’t need to depend on a cloud based system or third party application.
 - Fast wake up with a swipe from the bottom of the screen. Feels just as convenient as a double-tap-to-wake.
 - Fast pause/play with dedicated key on the side. So easy to start and stop podcasts, even if the phone is in your pocket. 
 - The “quick toggles” and settings shortcuts can be configured as you like
 - Really nice call quality, even better than a Nokia. Speaker quality is just as good as 808, maybe better but not as loud.
 - I can replace the battery easily. Broke pieces from the Nexus 5 trying to do the same on it. 

Not very positive:
 - The screen didn’t feel too small coming from an 808 but I regularly use a Nexus 5 and it would definitely feel too cramped if you were used to a 5 inch or larger display
 - Email and browser feels modern after Symbian but the Nexus 5 is still ahead overall.
 - Battery life was worse than expected. But just two weeks ago, I bought a new battery-charger bundle and it’s quite better now. Where the battery would previously be dead by 5pm, it now lasts till 8 or 9 pm, by which time it would be back on a charger anyway. It could be that I got an old stock and the original battery had deteriorated through inactivity

 - The swipe interface is not as intuitive as on MeeGo. You cannot swipe from any direction all the times, and worst of all, not even in the same direction in different apps. Eg: you cannot always go back by swiping from left to right but sometimes you can.
 - The handling of special characters on keyboard feels much more inferior to Nokia qwerty behaviour. Unlike on Nokia qwerty phones, a long press capitalizes the pressed letter, and not insert the special character/number. This is very unintuitive for me after years of using E series and N900/N950 devices. 
 - One handed typing is really slow. Swype input is faster with one hand on the Nexus 5. Actually, swype might still be faster even with two hands on the Q10 but the feeling you get with physical keys is much better. 
 - Camera quality in anything but great light is bad. But then I expected this with any new phone, except the Note 4, judging by the camera comparisons by Steve. I have actually stopped taking photos now and only take videos on the Q10, which don’t appear as bad.
 - Default themes don't showcase deep blacks of AMOLED. I love the black screen and white font on CBD-AMOLED Windows Phone devices. Even with the default dark theme on Q10, the background is grey rather than black and I feel like I am using a cheap LCD. Changing the background wallpaper to a plain black screen helps to a degree but I don’t know how to do this everywhere, including the Hub, Settings, etc.
 - Cannot add RSS feeds to the Hub by default 
Needs an ‘alt-tab’ sort of way to switch apps, so you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard, like on the N900/N950.
 - Can’t help but feel the need for some form of cursor keys or trackpad for accurate text selection on a device with a  hardware keypad. 
 - Apps are closed in the background if you try to open too many at a time
 - Double typing issue has developed over the course of the first two months. According to the crackberry forums, this can be remedied with a replacement keypad but sad that this is so common for a premium device from a qwerty specialist manufacturer.

Looking forward to using the new features from an upgrade to 10.3.1, not least BlackBerry Blend.

No, this is not a device for someone who like a Nexus 5, Lumia 930 or iPhone. But you could do far worse if you want a cheaper phone ($200 for a new device) to tide you till the next great imaging flagship arrives or till the Note 4 is cheaper. It's also a nice way to test the BB10 landscape. 

Hello everyone! I am a long time follower of Steve's work, but these are my first steps into Google+.

I have a question on using the Nexus Qi charger (current model) with Lumia devices. I have the charger and the magnet inside it is pretty strong; clutches my Nexus 5 very firmly. The charger also (naturally) works with Lumia (820 and up) phones but I am a bit worried if the magnet would cause damage to phones that may not have been designed with this use in mind.

Any knowledgeable input to explain what would/wouldn't happen will be much appreciated!

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