So, having built you up for weeks, the shave finally came and went on Monday and the response from the G+ community was magnificent The fund however has not closed, and the need to raise money goes on to fight cancer. As it stands, the funds raised by +Catherine Morgan stand at a whopping $4312, but we still have time to raise more, with your wonderful help of course.

As an incentive +Michael O'Reilly has offered to shave off both beard and hair, if +Catherine Morgan reaches the sum of $5000. So please keep on popping those spare dollars and dimes into the pot, and keep on sharing this around.

The link to +Michael O'Reilly s post outlining his intentions is here:

The fund link is here:

And if you want to watch the fun as +Catherine Morgan got lopped in a good cause, look here:

Haircut & Headshave for St Baldricks

But most importantly, please help save a childs life.
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