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Writer, publisher, cogitator

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"'What was he thinking?' It's the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do." I love this piece from the WSJ; it hits so many of the reasons that we've chosen to a) live on a farm and b) educate at home.

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Back home from business trip to NYC. In Virginia, it's 34 degrees and raining. No one cleaned stalls in my absence, everyone but me is sick, fridge is empty, floor is muddy, desk is drowned in mail, there's no shampoo in my bathroom, border collie just threw up on the rug. I'm sure there's a perfect adjective to describe this day...

Daughter (aged 11) went to movies last night with Son #1 (aged 20). She calls home on son's cell phone in great excitement: "I was eating Milk Duds and I lost TWO TEETH!" Son's voice in background, uncertainly: "That's supposed to happen, right?" Poor kid.

Post has attachment Glad we're safer now. And can someone Google-savvy explain to me why there's a pic of what's-his-name popping up with this link??

Note to self: When doing a full-text book search for the "Battle of Bouvines," keep in mind that "Battle of Bovines" will bring up very different results.

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"Today visitors to Gettysburg can climb to the cupola of the Lutheran seminary, where Lee stationed himself on July 2, the second day of fighting; or stand on Seminary Ridge, where the next day Lee watched from behind the Confederate lines as thousands of his men advanced across the open farmland to their deaths in the notorious Pickett’s Charge. But they won’t see what the general saw because the intervening years have altered the topography. Over the decades a quarry, a reservoir, different plants and trees have been added, and elevations have changed as a result of mechanical plowing and erosion. Geographic Information Systems, known as GIS, allowed Ms. Knowles and her colleagues to recreate a digital version of the original Gettysburg battlefield from historical maps, documented descriptions of troop positions and scenery, and renderings of historic roads, fences, buildings and vegetation." So very cool.

So the Ontario CA airport SHUT DOWN because of a security breach right after I boarded the flight to Houston. We sat for a LOONG time. Then a fully armed, scary looking LA cop came on board, walked right over to my seat and said, "Ma'am, would you step off the plane, please? We just need to talk to you."


I said, "Uh, OK," and undid my seat belt. Then the gate agent came up behind him and said, "No, she boarded before the breach."

The cop gave me a highly suspicious look and walked away. The flight attendant offered to give me a gin and tonic.

Turned out some woman in a black shirt hopped the security lines and disappeared into the terminal, and they couldn't find her.

I was wearing a black shirt. Will shortly be buying bright orange and lime green travel wear.

Home education conference in southern California: different world than home education conference in Virginia.. Tipoff: Ayn Rand booth in vendor hall. Also the Zombie Eats Your Brains dice game. Also the home school dad in the kilt.
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