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Memin The Dog
Adopting one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will change!
Adopting one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will change!

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Woof woof arrrrrrf grrrrr!
I have invites if you need one!!!!

Introducing Translate for Animals (beta): Bridging the gap between animals and humans

Making the world’s information universally accessible is a key goal for Google. Language is one of our biggest challenges so we have targeted our efforts on removing language barriers...

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Not proud of this!
horrible dog fighting!!!  we need to stop this!

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Amen!  First night of my little brother at home!!!!  

Me: are you a puppy mill masking as a rescue organization? 8:00 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  with stupid stuff. 8:16 AM

Me: I’m looking at transcript of a deal that was made by you “Irina” to BUY a puppy “Rascal” which turned out to have a lot of issues. You failed to provide documentation and refuse to answer calls and messages. Any comment on that? 8:25 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  PROBLEMS??? The dog has no "problems" the dog was in perfect health condition.. I contacted the adoptee and let her know what was going on as I just got 8:28 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  back into town. With family passings, and father diagnosed with cancer so I don't have time for you trying to cause me as a puppy mill 8:28 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  Listen.. I don't know who you are and who You are trying to accuse of "puppy mill" but you are saying this to the wrong person! If you we're smart enough 8:34 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  you'd actually know I hardly do puppies and I haven't really done rescue as I have other things going on so the bs needs to stop! I have two male pit bu 8:34 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  lls with NO BALLS! So clearly I can't breed. DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN WITH YOUR NONSENSE I will contact animal control and make sure to give them your num 8:34 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  ber and email. 8:34 AM

Me: We all have a sad story to tell but do not take away our responsibilities to do what need to be done. Please provide the documentation as was requested for over a week now. A puppy infested with ticks and fleas is hardly a puppy in good health. It only makes you wonder that other things were not done to care for the wellbeing of “Rascal.” 8:36 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  You are crazy! This puppy lived in my house with myself two pits and two 6 year old twins and was clean and healthy.. So take your remarks elsewhere you 8:39 AM

Suspected #PuppyMill  can buy flea medication.. It's summer it's flea season! 8:39 AM

Me: Listen, you either provide documentation or not! Is that simple! Please provide, no later than today, the documentation requested for “Rascal” so we can move on with our lives. 8:54 AM

updating as messages arrive.

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cansar a tu mascota para que no te canse a ti! lo mejor para la mascota y su dueño!
Un paseo podría ser una buena solución para tu mascota

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What does Memin mean?

Memin is a restless child who is not a very good student, not because of a lack of intelligence, but for not being able to pay attention (he is surprisingly good at arithmetic). He helps his mother working in the street, selling newspapers, and as a shoe shine boy. Memin reflects the life of a poor Mexican boy in Mexico City. Memín and his mother are the only Afro-Mexican characters.

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My human is thinking about getting me some pet insurance! any recommendations and/or what to look for?

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It is MY BIRTHDAY woooooof!
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