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Carl Folke Henschen Edman
Swedish-Australian-German-American Physicist-Lawyer
Swedish-Australian-German-American Physicist-Lawyer

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Kim Jong Il dead. Makes one wish for the existence of hell, as the only justice would be a sojourn there as long and as painful as that he imposed on the millions he murdered here.

RIP on Hitch and Havel. Didn't agree with all either said, but both were shining stars in the intellectual firmament.

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I draw attention to this post mostly for its second chart: Compare U.S. and Swiss levels of government spending. If the U.S. just reduced its government spending (at all levels of government) to Swiss levels, virtually every single of its financial problems would be solved overnight and most of its social problems become much more tractable. And Switzerland is a rich, free country, not Malthusian hell where the poor starve.

I have IP outlets, routers, and a protected wireless network all over my house, with many, many devices. Almost all of them I have identified, but there are two (1 Qualcom MAC, 1 Wistron MAC), that I just do not know what they are and short of disconnecting every single device in the house, which is more trouble than I want to go to, I have no idea to determine what (almost certainly legit) devices they are. Is there a tool to determine device type by IP/MAC address?

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RIP. Ritchie was the most historically significant software engineers and one of the principal fathers of the most significant computer language, C and its derivatives, and operating system, UN*X and its derivatives.

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The Truth about S&P's Downgrade 'Math Error':
It was a difference of opinion about the estimated likely future increases in domestic spending, with S&P having the more realistic assumptions. There was no 'math error.' Shame on the White House for attempting to bully S&P with this ludicrously lie and S&P for letting the White House get away with it.

Ok, an alternative version of the joke I linked a few days ago, which nobody seems to have gotten (I refuse to consider the possibility that it was not funny. It was funny, d*mn it!):

Three logicians are sitting in a restaurant. The waitress asks “is everyone having coffee?”
The first logician says, “I don’t know.”
The second logician says, “I don’t know.”
The third logician says, “Yes.”
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