Hey NYC +HIRL ers!

The time till our HIRL is a-winding down, so this post is gonna be loaded with lots of info for you all. I know notifications just about suck right now, so some of you did not get the last post and some messages sent, but don't worry. I am as annoying as they come. My RL friends call me a pain in the ass. But some of you already knew that didn't you? ;-)

I sent this form out already but now I am making it public to see if anyone else is interested. If you are, just fill this out for us so we can get an accurate headcount. The spreadsheet generated, also included here, will also help you make plans regarding carpooling, bunking up with others and so on.

Here is the proposed itinerary. We do not have to go by it as there is lots to do here in the city, and we are all open to ideas! +The Meatball Shop wants us to stop in and say hey while we are in the city! +Daniel Enloe and +Michele Atwater are hosting a NYC photowalk while they are in town, so if anyone is interested, shout them a holler! +Tim Clary wants to do a sketchcrawl in response to that. +Cliff Roth and other artists may be interested? I'm not an artist, but I am! +Bobbi Jo Woods wants to go to the SanRio store(Hello Kitty!) and +Marsha Reid would like to karaoke the night away at Pulse Karaoke. +Mohamed Mansour said last night that he wants to go to Central Park and +James Williams would like to visit Ground Zero. Any other requests/suggestions? Shoot them here, or over on +matthew rappaport's post as I am always following the thread:

For those who need help or ideas on lodging, I will include here some websites for you. I use a website called airbnb.com for couchsurfing whenever I travel. +Mohamed Mansour uses it a lot as well, and last night found a house in the city that could keep 16 people for $50 each per night. So I think if we all coordinate it together, we can find something, maybe a couple of hotels in the same area, or one house that fits most of the people or so on. If anyone else has any websites that they frequent, feel free to drop them here as well :-)

Here is the spreadsheet list of people who are currently attending. Please review the list, and to be included, you must fill out the form attached. Use the list at your leisure to make your carpooling and bunking plans and if you guys have any questions at all, send me, Matthew or Bobbi a message, gtalk, huddle or PM us here on +Google+. All contact info on the sheet is currently only viewable by me, Matthew and Bobbi. However, if you do not mind showing your contact info to others for travel planning purposes, please let us know, and I will make that information on the spreadsheet viewable to only those who are interested.

+Having said that, let's get the ball rollin' folks, and make this the +HIRL of the year!!!


+Tiffany Henry +matthew rappaport +Bobbi Jo Woods <3
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