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Living my Life as It Plays
Living my Life as It Plays

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Out of all the appointments, this one scares me the most as it will impact future generations most. Mr. Pruitt will gain and all the oil and gas folks too, the rest of us will loose. 

Do sacrifice effects resolve if the creature is regenerated? For example, opponent cast Anger of the Gods and I sac Cursecatcher in response. Can I cast Dark Dabbling to regenerate Cursecatcher.

I'm guessing the sacrifice would not resolve and thus Dark Dabbling resolves to leave it on the board and Anger resolves wiping it anyway. 

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Who says you can't eat local here in Western NY during the winter. Milk from Teacup Farms, mushrooms from Niagara Mushrooms, beans from McCollum Orchards CA and garlic from our backyard. #locavore #buffalocavore #goodeats 

Okay all, need some help on the modern fish deck. Playing a UG variant to switch things up but really struggling with the mana base. I know I can run mutavault($$) but what else should I do here....deck list below.

3 Chasm Skulker
3 Dakra Mystic
4 Grimoire Thief
2 Harbinger of the Tides
4 Kiora's Follower
3 Master of the Pearl Trident
1 Master of Waves
4 Merrow Reejerey
4 Silvergill Adept
1 Thassa, God of the Sea

4 Spreading Seas
1 Thassa's Rebuff
3 Vapor Snag

1 Kiora, the Crashing Wave

3 Forest
1 Halimar Depths
12 Island
4 Lumbering Falls
2 Thornwood Falls

SB: 4 Aquitect's Will
SB: 3 Coralhelm Commander
SB: 2 Giant Growth
SB: 2 Merfolk Sovereign
SB: 2 Refocus
SB: 2 Triton Tactics

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Check out our Strawberry adventures from this spring on my wife's recent blog post. #locavore #buffalo

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A great little piece all should read and think about. 

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This is so on point it hurts... "You don't deliberately create a loophole to a permissive licensing system unless you've been elected to Congress in the United States of America!" ~ Franklin Zimring, some reasoning for the new Executive Order regarding gun control.

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When Oath of the Gatewatch hits, and the new Wastes, land is in play, does this then open up for another color? I understand the Wastes is the new colorless mana that is required by some cards, but doesn't it seem like if you are going to have a separate basic for it, cards like Painful Truths should have access to it as a "color". Just my opinion.
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